This will disappoint

some but a sports program at Arkansas has backed off of a highly recruited athlete. I won’t say which sport.

Stars matter to fans but not so with coaches when evaluating.

MBB will be just fine imo. :upside_down_face:

Could be football and the QB? Taking Malachi’s commit over the higher rated?

Arkansas’s bowling team is going to suffer.


basketball or baseball or both?

I’m guessing basketball.

Can you say which recruiting class? 2022, 23, or 24?

If I were guessing (and it’s purely a guess) I think RD might be referring to QB Jaden Rashada.

I’ve read elsewhere the rumor that he wanted a guarantee of a big NIL.


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Emani Bates

They pay the coaches ridiculous money, so when someone like Rashada is available he should get a good NIL

A certain QB had higher NIL demands than we were willing to pay. He did get an offer from aTm soon afterwards.

I’m thinking until the market self corrects, a 5 star QB is going to come with a hefty price tag as a matter of course.


Rice….I don’t know if that last sentence with you was purely a joke based on the rumors from their last class on all of the NIL money they paid or the truth. Most, if not all of the time you are spot on so I am guessing the truth and wouldn’t be surprised with that program.

Either way, I am already tired of the so called demands of big NIL money when these kids have only played HS ball. Maybe it is just me I guess.

Costs a lot of money to move from Cal to Ark

No disrespect intended here, but why post something like this that is not information but just invites speculation?

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Yeah, I’m way too far outta the loop to gain anything from this. Bowling reference???

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