This will brighten your day


Awesome!! Thank you for your service sir…


I love these. Never gets old!


I was about to say those exact words, @coloradohog. Those are the best.

Very well done. Semper Fi!

If that does not get you, nothing will.


That was awesome

I saw that video, but I missed part of the introduction. (I didn’t hear the location.) I love seeing these reunions.

Wow! Big smile and a special moment. So glad to see this, we have to treasure all the positive news reports to counter so much negative garbage broadcasting around the clock. Heart warming.

These never fail to get me.

How awesome is that! Thanks for your service!

Yes!! Events like this should be the front page headliners for all national and state Media on both sides of the political spectrum. Put the negative articles on pages 2 thru… for those who want to read/hear them. The US would become a better and kinder place.

Love this. It was a well thought out and terrific idea to do it the way they did!

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God Bless all of those participating in the surprise. And, thank you Mr. Grooms for your service to our nation.

Wonderful. Love this…

It’s always nice to see our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines return home! God bless them and their families.

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