This will be a real gut check

It is going to be extremely difficult to come back with the sort of effort that is going to be required. This will be the 4th SEC team in a row. There can only be just so much gas in the tank. I started to say we have no depth, but that is not true. There is depth. The only problem is that it is playing and the guys they are suppose to be backing up are no where to be found.

Ole Miss could be in a similar shape. They gave a tremendous effort against Bama and came up short (at least they were not robbed! They were beat. Big difference). I don’t know how they are physically.

I bet the coaches around the SEC are thinking after this season, there is no way we will have more league games than what we normally have. It is just too difficult physically and mentally. I saw it out of every team last Sat.

I fear it is going to come down to who has the most players and the most talent. Emotion is going to be gone. We know where that will leave us.

If Sam can keep them playing this hard, he should be coach of the year regardless of record.

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I agree

I think this is a critcal week for this Arkansas team and its development

These Razorbacks find a way to beat Ole Miss and I see Confidence taking off out the roof and they will be in a good place after a week break to beat Tex A&M

they lose to Ole Miss - well I expect it will be a job for Coach Sam to have to rebuild confidence and reset the season

But a win and I think the team takes off esply after a week to recover - a week of recovery after a win and your eager to play - a loss and its easy to start cashing in

Besides and Arkansas win keeps the story alive of how the SEC screwed a really good Arkansas team and that is worth bank for this Razorback fan - a loss and the SEC gets a pass

Saban has been an advocate for 10 games SEC schedules for a while. I’ll speculate that he knows that would give him an edge with the depth he has in his roster. One 5 star gets hurt another 5 star replaces him.

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