This week's schedule

Arkansas certainly drew the short straw in terms of teams in contention this week. The Razorbacks’ series at Texas A&M is by far the toughest of the four teams that are still in contention for the SEC title.

The other three teams play the three worst teams in the league - Vanderbilt at Kentucky, Georgia at home vs. Alabama, and Mississippi State at home vs. South Carolina.

Arkansas does not have a good chance to win the conference, in my opinion. I’ve felt for a few weeks like no one will catch Vanderbilt.

I do like the Razorbacks’ chances to win at least a share of the division. It will take two wins at Texas A&M, or one win at Texas A&M and one Mississippi State loss to South Carolina to clinch that.

I agree we aren’t going win the overall but no way in the world we shouldn’t win at least two games considering Tam best pitcher not even going to be pitching. We need to win Thursday and that’s going to be the toughest game for sure.that lost to LSU made this a lot harder than it should have been but I believe we’re up for it.

Yeah, the only way to get a share of the title is to sweep A&M & hope Vandy drops 1 against UK. It’s unlikely Vandy drops 1, much less 2, against UK. We need to win at least 2 at A&M. That’s doable, but hardly an easy task. I doubt MSU loses any against USC, but I suppose they could lose 1 & give us a shot at winning the west outright.

I’d love to win the SEC title, but the most important thing is getting a good seed for the NCAA. We’re a lock to host & almost a lock to get a top 8 seed. I’d love to have as easy a road as possible to the CWS.

Just win two at A$M and head to the SEC Championships and start getting ready for the real playoffs…

I will be thrilled with taking 2 on the road in College Station and go from there!

Kentucky has the one thing that is tough to handle, an ace lefty. Thompson, when on, can give you a complete game victory.

While it would be nice to win the overall, that chance pretty much went away with game 3 loses @UK and against LSU. I am not complaining, if you had told me going into the season we would be up one game in the West and down one overall with 3 to play, I would have taken it in a second.

DVH darn sure would have taken 39-13/19-8 on Mother’s Day, regardless of what Vandy or anyone else did.

Does anyone think this years pitching group is all that has held is from outright winning the SEC?

Not downing them, they are very young and just need more experience than they have; but I feel as if we could have taken the league with another sure handed starter in the rotation.

Remarkable job by our coaching staff nonetheless.

I don’t. We’ve given up 10 runs in losses to Alabama & OM. We gave up 12 & 3 in our losses to Vandy. That’s only 3 losses of 8 where pitching really cost us. The other 5 were low scoring losses. We’ve won some SEC games where the opponent got a lot of runs, but we got more (e.g. Vandy & Auburn)

Our most recent conference losses (UK & LSU) weren’t from bad pitching. They were from inadequate hitting (or really good pitching by them) or baserunning mistakes. UK held their ace until the last game. We were one run from tying that game at 4 in T7–the last inning. We lost 2-3 to LSU. You ought to win when you only give up 3 runs. If we’d won just those 2 games, we’d be 21-6 & leading the SEC right now.

Our mid-week games are another matter, but our pitching has been plenty good enough to win the SEC

I typically think a team will need four or five runs at minimum to win a college baseball game, so I don’t think you can put the losses in SEC solely on pitching. There have been some instances like the LSU game the other day when the pitching staff blew a lead late, but you can’t say that was the reason the team lost. Half of the losses have been low-scoring games in which the pitching staff did its job well enough, including the LSU finale. There has been one SEC loss in which the offense scored more than three runs - the 10-5 finale vs. Ole Miss. The rest:

3-2 at Vanderbilt
3-2 vs. LSU
4-3 at Kentucky
4-3 vs. Ole Miss
6-3 at Auburn
12-2 at Vanderbilt
10-0 at Alabama

In seven of the eight losses, the offense gave the pitching staff little room for error.

No, the losses at Kentucky and against LSU were not because of pitching woes. Offense did not score enough runs in those two losses to end each of those series. I would not blame that on pitching. The lack of another reliable starting pitching effected the Tuesday/Wednesday games, but not the weekend. More pitching would have probably meant beating Texas, UALR and Northwestern State in the midweek losses. The starting pitching has generally been good. Connor Noland wasn’t great in some away games, but some he was like Kentucky. And he was terrific at home.

Hitting with runners in scoring position has lost several games this year including the LSU game, Vandy too. That’s what determines most games and how your bullpen closes out games.

Yes, as a group, I think our relievers are not top 10. Even Cronin has seemed to have lost somethng since last season.

I think the bullpen is rounding into form. Don’t let the three-run inning Saturday make you forget what the relievers did the first two games of the LSU series. The bullpen saved the team Friday and pitched through some critical situations Thursday.

This team has some small holes but all college teams do. What’s exciting is the power is surging and the young arms are getting better with experience. They have really good speed that does affect the other team’s game planning and execution. All this with a really young team that returns most of the parts for 2020 with a great incoming class and things are rolling down the rail at a high rate of speed if you are a Hog fan.