This week's rankings coming in

Still 5th in D1Baseball despite the series loss to the Rebnecks. Auburn, this weekend’s opponent at Baum, fell from 16 to 19. Florida is #1, Ole Miss is #3.

We’re ninth at Baseball America (Wallets and Rebnecks are 1 and 3 there too). Aubie is 15th

Eighth by the coaches (again 1 and 3 for UF and OM, and 15th for Aubie).

NCBWA always comes out on Tuesday.

We’re 11th in RPI (Texas Tech has the top spot there, another name on our schedule). Florida is 3rd, OM 5th, Georgia 8th, Auburn 9th.

Thanks for the info, Swine.

Just like football, we live in a tough neighborhood.

Just like football, a .500 conference record ain’t bad. Hoops is like that now too.

The key (in football and hoops) is…get hot at tourney time.

Probably even worse. I don’t think the SEC has ever had nine teams ranked in the top 25 in football at the same time. Right now D1Baseball has nine (we’ve played the other three in the top 10 already). Fifteen through 19 is Vandy-Georgia-LSU-Misery-Auburn. Oh yeah, and #23 MoState and #7 Texas Tech in a few weeks too.

Which brings up another thought. We’ve played three teams that could easily wind up in Omaha, two of them at their place, and we’re 5-4. Still have to go to LSU and Georgia. Auburn, TTech and MoState are coming to our house. After a schedule like that, we’re not gonna see anything tougher than that in June until we get to Omaha, and maybe not even then.

Yep. There will be many more future MLBers in the SEC Tournament than in Omaha.

Get in that top eight teams for post season and you may stay home until Omaha. That’s the hole idea for playing the tough schedule.

Yep…I know one year (somewhere between 2008-2011) we won the West with a 15-15 SEC record.

[size=120]The SEC leads all conferences with 85 players in the bigs … and Arkansas is tied atop that list for the most:[/size]