This week's poll

Arkansas fell one spot to No. 9 this week in the coaches’ poll.

Other ranked SEC teams: Vanderbilt (4), Georgia (7), Mississippi State (8), Texas A&M (11), LSU (12), Auburn (15), Ole Miss (18) and Florida (21).

Texas is No. 17 this week. Tennessee, which dropped out of the poll this week, is Arkansas’ only upcoming opponent that was in the “receiving votes” category.

The RPI will be extremely high if Hogs finish at 15-15 in SEC. That will guarantee a No. 2 seed in the NCAA. A 16-14 league mark might get you a hosting spot. I believe SEC teams are going to beat each other up pretty good the next seven weekends. If you are 17-13, it might be worth a national top eight seed.

I admit I’d be disappointed in a #2 seed. I know we can get to the CWS from that, but I had begun having high hopes of being a national seed. If we’ve ever been one, I don’t recall it. I know we’ve hosted a couple of super regionals, but someone with a better memory of how the system worked 15 years ago will have to tell me why. I know we hosted a couple of years ago because Mo St had a stadium conflict. I know we hosted last year, but wasn’t that because USC upset the national seed?

Anyway, since seeding is now 1-16, I’d love to be a high seed and really increase our chances to get to Omaha. Alas, last weekend has forced me to lower my expectations a bit. I don’t want to read too much into two losses, but before I get too excited again, we’ll need to go 3-3 (or better) with Auburn & Vandy these next two weeks. A 2-4 split is probably about the best we can hope for & wouldn’t leave us too far down in the standings, but I’d still like more.

We were a national seed (top 8) last year. East Carolina was the 1 seed we were matched up with in the tournament bracket, but the super regional would have been in Fayetteville even if they won their regional.

it happened just last year; we were the #5 National Seed! :lol: :wink:

Thanks econo & piggus. I’d forgotten we were rated that high. Were we a 5 or an 8? Regardless, I’d like to be in a position to host the super again. And I’d prefer to do it as a 1-4 seed. Going into the OM series, I thought that was quite possible. Now I’m not so sure.

Of course, last year was also our best finish ever in the CWS (we also finished runner up in 1979, but it as a different format), so a high seed means two things: the road to Omaha is easier & we’ll have shown ourselves to be deserving & capable of winning the whole thing.

Seeds 1-8 host a regional and will host their super regional if they win their regional. Seeds 9-16 host their regional and will be 2nd in line to host the super if the 1 seed they are paired up with doesn’t win their regional.

I think to be a top 4 seed this year we would have to win the division at least, maybe even get a piece of the conference title. I love this team, but I think either of those things occurring might be a stretch this year. Coming in to the season, I thought we could be a 2-3 seed, with an outside chance to host a regional if a few things broke our way. The way we tore through the non-con schedule made me feel like things were in fact breaking our way, but I’m starting to slide back to my early thought that matches up with what Clay said above. And there’s nothing wrong with that, MSST made it to Omaha as a 2 seed last year and went all the way to the semi-final round. Washington made it as a 3 seed also.

In the CWS, we would have opened up with the #4 Seed (Ole Miss), but they didn’t make it out of their own Regional; they lost to that Tennessee Tech team that hit like 1,000 home runs. The team from that part of the bracket ended up being the #13 Seed, Texas.

I never thought this was going to be a national seed year. I was a little bit surprised to see the team ranked to begin the season. So was Dave Van Horn. But there is good talent on the team, just not enough experience. I have talked to many who think next year will be the year almost everything is ripe for a big run. Last year the RPI was off the charts almost all season. Never a doubt they were going to be a top eight seed.

As for the RPI now, in one of the NCAA lists Arkansas is sixth. Auburn is fourth.

FYI, the midweek games against the Trojans and Lions will not help the RPI. Arkansas-Little Rock is 187. Arkansas-Pine Bluff is 287.

I was afraid of that. I understand the scheduling problems in baseball, so I’m a bit more sympathetic to DVH wanting to schedule in-state teams than I am for doing it in football & basketball. However, this is the downside to doing that. Ironically, this is the first year in a long time ASU has a relatively high RPI. Seems like UALR’s is usually a bit better than theirs. Regardless, I hope we limit our in-state competition to schools within the UA system & limit it to baseball & softball. But like just about any game against another state school, this is one of those no-win games for us. We will get no credit for a win & suffer a big loss in both RPI & pride if we lose. I don’t expect to lose, but about the only good thing to come of it is that we get a mid-week game. And I’m not even sure we need that with our series against Auburn starting on Thursday & us being a pitcher short for the weekend.

Every team is going to have some RPI duds. The key is to not have seven or eight of them, as Arkansas did in some past years. Three games against UALR, UAPB and Grambling are insignificant when the rest of the teams are from the SEC, other Power 5 conferences or are quality mid-majors like Louisiana Tech, Stony Brook and Northwestern State. As long as Arkansas wins, its RPI is going to be good at the end of the year.

Yeah, but that’s the problem. We have to win these games. I fully expect to, of course, but I remember how we barely beat Grambling a couple of years ago in LR. However, I expect you’re right about everyone having a few really weak programs on the schedule. At least we’re not loaded with them. (And to be fair, UALR is usually a bit better than they are this year.)