This week's mailbag

I’ve got a few questions via email for this week’s mailbag, but want to ask here again because it’s where the best questions came from last week. What’s on your mind about any sport? I’ll have responses posted tomorrow afternoon.

Can you list the top 2 recruits for the open basketball scholarship in 2017? Thanks. WPS

Why doesn’t Luke Bonfield take pre game infield/outfield with the rest of the team?

  1. Will our safeties finally be able to tackle spread quarterbacks this year? They missed a lot of tackles last year, but the ones missed when QB’s ran for TD’s (particularly the MissState QB) really gripe me.

  2. Why are there so many broken foot injuries at Arkansas? We try to be physical so some injuries in practice are a given but we have few shoulder, knee, back, etc. injuries. Why so many broken bones in the feet, many without contact, just injured planting and cutting while running?

  3. Who will be the next former walk-on who becomes a starter? Johnny Gibson is the first of the CBB era. Who will be the next one?

If you asked three questions, I took the liberty of dispersing them across the next three weeks. :slight_smile: