This week's Basketball Podcast of Mid-America

Seth and I recorded yesterday morning and previewed the SEC Tournament, included a few clips from my Devo Davis interview, and made Moses Moody’s case for SEC POY:

I signed up for your Bracket Challenge group. You’re going DOWN, Bordelon! :rofl:

Bring it. I’m ready to get this thing rolling.

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I’m reminded of the first time I ever ran a bracket pool, at the Arkansas Gazette. Amazingly the publisher and other powers-that-be signed off on it; $5 per bracket. Because bracket pools were kind of a new thing then, I posted a mock bracket on the newsroom bulletin board to show you how to fill one out. I picked the chalk in every game (the lower seeded team winning). If I had turned in that mock bracket for the contest, I would have won the whole pool. But as bracketmeister, it was probably good that I didn’t win my own contest. I think I finished fourth or something. IIRC that was 1991, the year the Hogs lost to Kansas in the Elite Eight.

For those interested in joining us, the group is BPMA (for Basketball Podcast of Mid-America) on the ESPN tournament challenge. Free to sign up and play.

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Scottie, would you ask Seth to please fade the background music BEFORE you begin speaking?

Trying to focus on what you said those first 6 minutes was positively agonizing. :rage:

Like in a good way? Kidding. I’ll pass it along.

Thanks again for another fun pod cast to listen too! I liked the cut out if Devo’s interview.

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