This week's Basketball Podcast of Mid-America

On this week’s Basketball Podcast of Mid-America, Seth and I talk NCAA Tournament seeding, Moses Moody + Justin Smith playing at an All-SEC level, and the Razorbacks’ defense getting it done of late. You can watch or listen below:

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I enjoyed the podcast. Good work!

Appreciate you listening. We always have a blast recording. Today we started recording at 10:30, got through 36 minutes then lost all the audio and had to start over. :sweat_smile:

It fun to listen to you guys. It will be nice when you can invite a guest to interview when Covid 19 pandemic is over!
I don’t think this years team could handle the 94 or 95 teams but they could blast all the rest with CEM as the HC.

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I watched the YouTube, first time I’ve done that. Had to think a little bit before I realized which one was Scottie :grin:

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I’m the guy with the 2-week mustache.


Scottie can you see if Matt can do his baseball podcast like your. For some reason I’m unable to watch his.

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