This week's baseball rankings

Some movement near the top with Vandy and Louisville having sub-500 weekends.

D1 Baseball: Hogs remain #7. Miami moved into the top spot; they play #2 Florida this weekend.
Louisville and Vandy are 3-4.

Collegiate Baseball: Texas Tech moved up to #1. Hogs remained 9th. Louisville and Vandy are 4-5.

Coaches, NCBWA and Baseball America aren’t updated yet.

Definitely not buying Miami #1… they didn’t do anything last year to be ranked as high as they were to start off IMO. I guess time will tell

The coaches poll won’t update until after the third weekend.

Baseball America updated this morning with Michigan at No. 1. Arkansas is still No. 11 in that poll.

I thought I’d check Warren Nolan for his RPI’s after the first weekend knowing of course that it’s pretty worthless right now. We’re tied with about a 100 other teams for 66th. UAPB is 42nd. I expect all that to change. :laughing:

Oh, our next opponent, Gonzaga, is 11th.

The NCBWA poll just came out. Arkansas is No. 6 in that one. Texas Tech is No. 1.

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