This weekend's scrimmages

It’s not surprising, but I’m told the field at Baum-Walker is in pretty rough shape after the ice this week. It seems likely that the scrimmages will be held inside the Fowler Center. If that’s the case, media won’t be able to attend due to space reasons.

Today’s scrimmage is inside. They will not practice tomorrow and hope to have the field usable by Sunday.

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Here are the stat lines from today’s starting pitchers, according to someone who was in attendance:

Hunter Hollan threw 3 1/3 scoreless innings, allowed 2 hits and no walks, and struck out 6.

Hagen Smith threw 2 2/3 scoreless innings, allowed 1 hit and 2 walks, and struck out 5.

Hollan was pitching against the lineup of potential starters. Smith pitched with that group in the field. Keep in mind that there is not room to play outfield indoors. A lot of hits go into the netting and runners are placed where coaches determine they would have gone on a regulation field.

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Hollan will probably be a lot like the guy we’re probably going to see from Texas
Matt do you think this team will struggle against LH the way we have the last couple years

We’ll see. Every team struggles against left-handed pitching to varying degrees.

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It appears we have some pretty good RH hitters and even our LH guys have proven they will take a mistake and hurt LH pitching

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