This weekend's rotation

Friday: RHP Connor Noland (5-2, 2.54 ERA) vs. RHP Dylan DeLucia (3-0, 4.40)

Saturday: LHP Hagen Smith (6-2, 3.83) vs. LHP Hunter Elliott (1-3, 3.19)

Sunday: RHP Jaxon Wiggins (5-1, 5.55) vs. RHP Derek Diamond (3-3, 6.29)

Interesting (and unfortunate) that the combined ERA’s of the first two pitchers approximates the ERA of the third starter. Not a good formula for Sunday success.

Of the 33 starters that have been announced for SEC games this weekend, seven have ERAs of 5 or higher, and several more are in the high 4s.

This is a high-scoring season in college baseball. Arkansas has hit about as well as the other team in the games Wiggins has started, which is why his record is so good. Few teams have three lockdown starters. Most are throwing someone on Sunday who is going to give up runs.

Allowing 5 runs without recording an out will elevate that ERA quickly

That’s correct. Wiggins’ ERA was 4.66 before the Texas A&M outing.

Two games have caused his ERA to take a beating, at Texas A&M and at Florida. In all of his other starts he has an ERA of 3.65.

Need to win game one for sure… given our track record against LHP in game 2. I’ve seen them play a lot. Friday night starter is terrible in the bullpen but really good starting. Throws in the low to mid-90s pretty flat fastball but he will try to jam you inside and has a pretty good breaking ball…Their game 2 starters pretty good mixes pitches well. Game 3 starter is a guy we saw last year. Throws hard but command and giving up the big hit is what gets him in trouble.

This is a must series to win in my opinion especially with auburn at Tennessee we can separate quite a bit here if we can win or sweep.

I want to know who’s hitting. Anyone this w/e?

I’m sure Dave would like to know that as well

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