This weekend's pitching matchups

Game 1: LHP Patrick Wicklander (1-1, 2.13) vs. RHP Gunnar Hoglund (3-1, 2.47)

Game 2: RHP Peyton Pallette (1-1, 3.25) vs. LHP Doug Nikhazy (2-1, 2.25)

Game 3: LHP Lael Lockhart (1-1, 3.41) vs. RHP Derek Diamond (3-3, 4.89)

Hoglund can make some mistakes but RH will have lay off that nasty slider which he has great control of. FB can flatten out and give up some big hit.Nikhazy is their best but can have a few control problem bit when he’s on he’s tough.
I have a brother who is big OM fan so I’ve watched all their games to be able to talk to him about them.They are very much like us, will battle you for all 9 inn. Should be a great series… Hope we continue to see good Wicklander.

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Sorry about your brother Billy, it happens in the best of families. :smirk::rofl:


Lol I tolerate him barely😂

My wife graduated from Ole Miss as an undergrad, but she was struck on the Damascus Road of football fandom her year in grad school at the UA and is a vocal hog fan. I knew the conversion was real when she posted on social media following the “Hunter heave” & we beat the rebnecks in OT, “Hunter Henry is my hero.” It appalled her college friends but she was unapologetic.

However, there are members of her side of the family who are still afflicted by OM. I try not to associate with them on that level.

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Got a good friend who married an Ole Miss gal. He gets stuck in Ole Miss watch parties. He low keys it, but will deliver an appropriately timed fist pump.

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I have a good friend that works under me, great guy and his wife is super sweet. But both are diehard Mississippians & Ole Miss to the very core.

I often offer to send them to therapy/counseling fully paid by the company,


:rofl: :rofl:

That therapy should involve padded walls and sleeveless jackets. Also applications of high voltage may be useful.

I have a buddy that’s a die hard Vol fan. He married a Miss State fan. He texts me every time we play Ole Miss asking us to please beat them because he and his wife hates them. Heard from him twice today. When TN plays State there is definite tension in their household. He keeps his mouth shut…smart man…

The therapy includes taking away their vodka/water drinks. Killer.

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