This weekend visits

ESPN 300 DE Vernon Broughton of Houston Cy Ridge will be the only official visitor for football this weekend.

ESPN profile: … -broughton

As of now, no basketball visitors are expected. Not expecting any for a good bit.

Senor Davenport you say that until Kerry Blackshear shows up here for a surprise visit on Saturday! Ha!

Senor isn’t Che Evans suppose to visit the next weekend?

Gracias RD

Yes. When I say a bit I’m thinking within the next week (7 days). As I like to say subject to change.

It will be interesting how Blackshear thing plays out. After going back and forth until the final hour, he has decided to withdraw from the NBA Draft and more important to us he has said he will definitely transfer. I am salivating. This guy can put us over the top. Top 10 baby!

What makes you think he’s even considering us?

We were on the the teams that was mentioned by him or his family in reports when he was talking about teams that had contacted him.