This Week’s Schedule

Does anybody know the team schedule for the days leading to the Regional?

Did they fly or bus from Hoover to Fayetteville?

How many days off will they get?

Any details on practice schedule (light workouts, strenious workouts, weights, pitching workouts) would be interesting.

Not sure about your other questions, but we charter flights when the team travels so they flew back from Hoover.

IN DVH’s post game he mentioned giving the playing a little time off to rest. They will work out this week and practice but he is smart and knows how to handle the team!
I hope they spend sometime looming at film. They need to see just how bad they looked at the plate, Nesbit needs to see to keep a tag on a runner sliding, and Kenley needs to know to be at the bag to receive a throw from the outfield.
Clean some little things up and they will be fine. I’m glad they are home resting now!

It varies year-to-year. I seem to remember last year the team took Sunday off and practiced Memorial Day after the selection show.

It’s a similar schedule this year - off today and tomorrow, practice Monday-Wednesday, then the 90-minute workout that all teams in the regional are allotted inside the stadium the day before the regional begins.

Van Horn has said in the past that he tailors his practices this time of year based on the personality of the team. With this team, the practices have tended to be a little lighter late in the season to help keep them fresh. Most Arkansas practices that I’ve seen this time of year include BP, bunt work for both hitters and fielders, infield/outfield and wrap up with base-running work.

I’m not a baseball guy, but every time I watch a game the announcers complain about guys not bunting correctly, are you sure we work on it. (And this isn’t just AR, it seems like when anyone bunts, the announcers seem dumbfounded that the kids can’t do it correctly)

Bunting off BP throwing, and bunting against 93mph isn’t the same thing, that and off speed pitching will get you in bad position.

Bunting this year has been well-executed for the most part. But it has to be done in the proper situation.

Bunting is an art. Casey Martin with his speed could bunt for a base hit anytime and he seldom has in 2 seasons.
When a pitcher is wild it makes it hard to bunt.
Franklin has been asked to sacrifice several times and has failed to get it done just like this week in the SEC tournament.
I don’t think bunting it taught from an early age anymore. When I coached if a kid failed to get a bunt down in an AB that kid knew he was bunting when he went back to the plate! The launch angel ans upper cut swing has about ruined the game!