This week looks like there

Well that was fun, but less than helpful. :smiley:

On the two questions, was this:

  1. no response, 2) yes
  2. yes, 2) no response
  3. yes, 2) yes

Yes clear as mud!

Fred, I sent you an email a few minutes ago.

I’m pretty sure Fred (Tuschawg) was trying to be funny with his response. I wouldn’t expect him to have any inside info on Hog basketball. Now, maybe on Bama football though.

Expect one, but don’t rule out the other. :smiley:


Gracias mi Amigo!

This week was last week now well into this week.

Things happen.

We still think something is breaking in hoops for 2019?


changed my thinking on what might happen - although sure thought it would have gone down by now.


Seems like a forgone conclusion that we’ll be Gabe-less this season.

I am afraid he is St. John’s bound. A scholarship opened up there with ex-Miss State guard Eli Wright transferring.

Well, I’m not really afraid of anything related to him. I’ve not substantiated anything, but what I’m hearing is that there are some non-basketball things in play here.

My “afraid” statement is about what I have been saying. That is having a very short bench if we lose Gabe or Henderson or both. Did not know non-basketball things are in play.

I’d heard it was Henderson and the non basketball related things. Hmmmmm…

I’ve heard that one current player has an issue like spiderman does where things sometimes to happen to stick to his fingers…kind like sticky fingers.

Hmmmm…had heard something different (I.e. grades), but I’m not surprised at anything that an athlete is rumored to do now (pulling guns on strippers :roll: )

Gabe was on a the honor roll last year (I remember the announcement at one of the games).

Yeah, but I had heard it was Henderson. Don’t know, but that’s what I had heard.

Edit: Let me clarify, I was told earlier this summer, Ethan wasn’t involved in basketball related activities (and if you saw some of the earlier tweets/pics, he wasn’t in some). Was told it was an off court/classroom issue. I had also heard some stuff about Gabe that had nothing to do with anything illegal (sticky fingers) or school related (grades), but I have since been told both were good to go and looking forward to this fall. So, I’ll let one of our insiders give the correct info.

I thought I saw something in last 24 hours or so that CEM mentioned the roster is probably set for 2019-2020 season. As we all know, and as RD likes to state, this is all subject to change. Can still be very fluid would be another guess but with school bearing down not sure how much longer.