This week looks like there

Somethings happening. And shortly.

Football or basketball?

Football, or Basketball?

Has it happened?

One of what may end up being several things has. … r-big-man/

Several basketball things?

Any 2019 things perhaps?




Football or basketball?

No offense Richard but if Dudley was on vacation commitments would be popping all over the place… :smiley:

That’s always been true, hasn’t it?

We still anticipating new developments?

Yes, surprised a couple of things didn’t as of yet go down.

Mr. Dawson sir are you expecting only subtractions or both subtractions and addition(s)?

:o :?:

Are you referring to football or basketball or both? You may not be able to say but thought I would ask anyway.

This is all hoops stuff I believe brother.

Thanks Lynn

Does the delay make those couple of things less likely to happen? Or have they actually happened and just haven’t been publicly announced?


Harley–I sent you an email a few days ago. Your email address change?