This was Perfect for This Team

Muss stated how hard it is to win 11 conference games in a row. It builds and builds. After last week and then the SC game, you could see this coming. The team opened just off a little and A&M was playing real well. They pulled it together the last five min. of the half and then won a total war in the second half with great defense the last two min. Now they get to recharge their batteries and get ready for a real grind that is the SEC Tourney.

the game made me very nervous as A&M was scoring so well, but after it was over, I said man, this was so good and it takes a really good team to win like this.


Agree. It’s like Mike Tyson said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” The Ags came out and punched us right in the mouth but thankfully the Hogs found a way to win in the 2nd half.

I am glad they have nearly a week to rest the legs before the SEC Tourney. There won’t be much rest here on out.

However many games in Nashville, then we won’t play at bare minimum from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon, possibly Saturday night. If we win, play again in two days, If we win that, the Sweet 16 doesn’t start until Saturday the 27th. Back on campus? No. Resting? Plenty of chance.

TAMU came into the game in 14th place in the SEC in FG shooting; 13th in 3 point FG shooting. At the end of the first half they were shooting a blistering rate (for them) of 46.7% from the 3 line. I think I saw a stat early in the first period where they were shooting over 60%. They cooled off a bit from the 3 in the second half but still managed over 50% FG shooting for the game…on the road.

It reminded me of our game with Kentucky…everything hoisted seemed to be going in for them, until the Hogs refocused in the second half.

The Aggs were rested. They weren’t missing one of their key players. They had nothing to lose and a seasoned coach. It was just one of those weird games that happen a couple times a season…and it was a game we might have lost at other times during the last 20 years, but we ended with the W.



At this stage of the season, legs are weary. I’m certainly not CEM but I hope they take advantage of every opportunity to freshen up the legs between now and then. Being on the road can wear you out too. Sounds like you spend some time traveling. I do too. It’s grind. The turnaround between games is close from here on out. There’s part of me that thinks these guys are somewhat acclimated to situations like that. But I also know the cumulative effect it takes on the body.

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