This was Embarrassing!

This was one of the worst coaching jobs and efforts I have seen in a long time. They got outcoach the entire 2nd half, this is just not on the horrible defense effort, the offense was just as bad the 2nd half. First time I have said this but maybe Coach B is not the man to take us to the top, this year have displayed a team that has been up and down all year long. This loss was beyond bad and I don’t want to see his a$$ crying on the podium tonight, talking about " you just don’t know how hard we work"…

This was embarrassing----No body and I mean nobody will agree with my statement but Mr. Allen has loss his tough–I feel like he is done as for being a Quarter Back!

The only reason he has lost that toughness is because, the lack of recruiting at OL and was getting knocked around, but this is year 4 and this not how I thought would it would be going…

This is the most embarrassing loss since the directional Louisiana school during JLS’s time.

No. Today had nothing whatsoever to do with recruiting. Zero.

It was lack of execution and play calling. Austin played awful. And, he had enough time–just some mind numbingly bad decisions in the red zone.

Your senior tackle that just won SEC OL of the week for blown up on key plays and had the holding penalty that finished off the choke.

We were the more talented team, today, and choked it away.

But, after every loss it’s mandatory that we fall back to the recruiting storyline.

It’s the same OL that completely dominated a better (but still bad) defense last week.

I bet you are right that no one agrees with you that he has lost his toughness

Lots to criticize, but that’s not one to me

This game should seal Smith’s fate as DC

The poster said that AA lost his toughness, and I responded that the reason he lost his toughness because of the lack of OL recruiting that took place which basically cost him to take shots early in the year… either way its all bad!!!

My bad - hit the wrong quote deal

Dudley I happen to agree with you here, but I’ve noticed you are always quick to point out what shouldn’t be criticized without ever really delving in to what should be.

How about a post from you telling us what was crappy and what needs to be done to fix it.




[/quote]don’t understand why you feel it important for Dudley to join the dog pile, there are plenty enough dogs that seem all too willing to jump.

PIG told a funny… we needed a little laughter.


It’s not really important - nor is it important for Dudley to opine on what people should or shouldn’t be critical about but it seldom stops him from telling us anyway.


Again. Hilarious. The biggest bashers (and I am saying bash away because the Hogs earned it, today) are always the most thin-skinned wittle guys. Boo hoo.

I agree and a maybe a couple more on that defense side of the ball, I don’t see any difference that Rhodes made this year the corners can’t cover anyone and the safeties are the worst ones in the conference…

I offered up my opinion on Austin’s toughness and how there was plenty of things to criticize about his performance, but my opinion is that is not one.

As for what was wrong today, I’ll start with coaching.

Great calls fast half, weird and bad after halftime

Offensive line did well first half, reverted to subpar performance they have had most of the season

Skipper’a holding penalty was bad, bad, bad - took first and goal from 5 - that can’t happen when you are a senior

Sprinkle has one great catch, but he has to catch that one in end zone

Defensive backs got lit up - unacceptable

DL - had its moments, but as most of the year, failed to get pressure

Austin was simply bad the second half - not just on the interceptions

WRs had a pretty good day, but Reed’s false start was big at that time

I would have kicked FG on next to last possession

I also would have kept running the ball

All in all - an indefensible loss

Thank you Dudley - in all seriousness when the performance is poor as it was today it’s refreshing to see insiders give their insights on why a poor performance occurred.

I’d be interested to go beyond this game and get your assessment of the program four years in to BB’s tenure. Is it where it should be? If not, what will it take to get there? And are the things needed to get it there happening and if not why not?

solid candor, sir