This was a winnable ballgame I

Unfortunately this game was decided before halftime. We had A &M backed up to there 4 yard line and we get a stop but we are called for late hit out of bounds targeting and A &M gets 1st down and goes in and scores to tie it at half. If we force A & M to punt we get ball at 50 and possibly score before half and are up 2 TD at half. A &M starts 2nd half with a drive but recover fumble at 5 and proceed to drive down field but fail to score. R Williams fumbles before scoring TD. We are not good enough yet to overcome all these mistakes against a very good A& M team. There team speed is unbelievable especially on defense. We will learn from these mistakes and get better. We can still have a good season. After watching LSU and Auburn those are winnable ballgames as is Mississippi State and 2 non conference games and if we play well we can beat Florida at home. The others will be tough. We have the right coaching staff. Go Hogs!