This was a statement game from Gus.

We all know the heat he took from the Arkansas coaching staff, and even Frank Broyles, that he needed a good running QB to run his offense. Well, he ran that damn offense to protection to the point that I thought I was watching Springdale versus Nashville in 2006. Gus has had a chip on his shoulder since that time ten years ago he was disrespected by Houston’s staff and somewhat by Frank. This was his chance to throw it in our face, that this is what he can do.

I am a BB believer, although I think he is turning a blind eye to some deficiencies in his defensive staff, and maybe the offensive line coach.

My suggestion, come off the recruiting trail the next couple days and face the fans. Anyway, how do you go out and recruit after a massive loss?

Good post, but you’re comment that " you are a believer in BB, BUT…" is interesting to me. I’ve seen it and heard it many times since the weekend. People state they believe in the coach and then go on to rattle off one or more area in which they are concerned or troubled about his leadership.

Makes me wonder how strong that “belief” really is or rather is it something one posts or says so as to not be perceived as coming across as too negative or critical?

Coach B has done a really good job getting program back on track after the collapse . He is a marketing guru who has done a good job selling program to fan base, his boss and national media. 80 percent of that has been good so far.

The negative 20 percent has been winning games and having Auburn type losses as a thing in the past. Marketing has allowed time to get footing, now he has to show it was just a one off bad game or the percentage would shift to more grumbling with fan base. The $160 million dollar stadium expansion has put focus on continued growth in a stable winning program.

We will learn if Coach B can right the ship in next four games as fans remember how you finish in Nov. I think he may also has better appreciation of Joe Kines statement that the SEC teams will slit your throats and drink your blood now. Saban is not going anywhere, Gus was on hot seat, and Miles is gone in mid year. I think coaches know where they stand but if they cannot get players to do it on field then we have talent i / depth issue greater than the marketing has lead us to believe. The video does not lie.

If it’s taken him 4 years to understand Kleins SEC statement he’s not ready for prime time

Coach B has some glaring weaknesses to work out on the field and in the end that’s all that matters

Marketing players GPAs being Bret B all get a pass but last weekend in the plains was the worse effort by this D in a long time and it won’t cut it … the “lessons learned” quote after poor performances is growing tiresome

I don’t think Gus is focused on beating Arkansas anymore than he is Ole Miss, LSU or Texas A&M. Some may disagree, and that’s fine, but at some point the past is the past and people let things go.

Saturday was more about Gus keeping his job and his staff intact. Beating an SEC team by 53 will buy them all another season no matter how the season ends.

I think Gus is like all coaches, if he can win a game big, he’ll do it. I have seen Osborne, Switzer and many others do the same thing. If they have a team down, they hammer it home.

Did Gus point to this game? I doubt it. The schedule pointed to it.

I do understand that Auburn has had a lot of home losses in the last two years. Did Gus need a game like this at home? Absolutely. But it wouldn’t have mattered if it had been Missouri, Florida or Georgia. And, I bet if you asked Gus who he’d rather do it against, he’d say Alabama.

Stars aligned right. Arkansas had two tough games and was playing its eighth straight game. Auburn had ULM, Miss State and an open date ahead of this one. Gus had a fresh team. Bret had a wore down team. Gus has talen in the offensive and defensive line. Arkansas has some in the defensive line, but not enough speed anywhere on defense. A fast, strong, fresh team took advantage.

It was easy for Auburn to attack Arkansas’s weaknesses. The Hogs were on the defensive on both sides of the ball for the whole game, except for a few chances to rush the passer. Malzahn did not have to “target” Arkansas. His offense was ideally suited to go after Arkansas’s many issues on defense. His defense was perfectly equipped to take advantage of the joke of an offensive line Arkansas had put together too. You have a couple of players who are playing for reasons other than merit. That has to be causing internal problems. Opponents certainly can see what’s wrong, even if Bielema wants to pretend otherwise.

Care to elaborate?

A book could be written on why Malzahn wants to beat the Hogs badly every single season. :lol:

True, Goldsurfer, true. Gus said last week he is still hot about losing last year. I can’t imagine him not wanting to whip Arkansas as bad as any team on his schedule. He wanted the job big boy has, but Jeff Long chose another man. Malzahn is a native Arkansan. He coached here for the Razorbacks. You know he wanted this one.

They were primed and ready and put a kill shot on us. He probably lit a cigar in the dressing room after this game. He could not have imagined a better outcome if he tried.

They were primed and ready and put a kill shot on us. He probably lit a cigar in the dressing room after this game. He could not have imagined a better outcome if he tried.

Auburn papers said as much after the game. I can understand this type of loss but usually it is result of turnovers and penalties. I cannot understand the lack of competitive spirit to fight back that was missing . The only rational reason I can come up with is the team was just worn down after the eight game stretch and the earlier problems just got magnified. If so , then play the backups as the result could not have been any worse. Wednesday’s conference call should be interesting to hear.

I agree Randy we are starting 2 ol that have no business starting. I just dont understand it.

CBB and Malzahn do not care for one another either. Gus took advantage of a worn out Arkansas team and took us to the woodshed. We needed the bye last week after Ole Miss. I think there might have been a different outcome.

Gus had lost 10 out of last 12 SEC games, with a 5-year recruiting class average ranking of #6. Now everone thinks Gus has turned things around, and Auburn could challenge Bama. On the other hand, the Hog’s 5-year recruiting class ranking is #28. Bielema was 5-3 a year ago, and had won 6 of last 9 SEC games. We had to replace a lot this year.

All this tells me that we need to be patient. Bielema would be the first to say (in fact he has said) that the program isn’t there, yet. He wants to redshirt all OL, and wants an OL of 3-5 year developed players. Hogs can’t match the top SEC programs in recruiting, but we can match them on the field with older developed 3-5 players, eventually.

Great rationale and I have to agree.

If this was a statement game for Gus, he sure enunciated well.