This video will pump you up (especially my fellow old-timers)

(The video is blank until the15 second mark)…


“When the man at the top is fully committed, it sets the tone for everything else.”

We are seeing that again.


Very enjoyable film clip. You are right, our head Hog is Razorback to the bone.


Thanks Wiz, that was great!

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Very hard to believe I found myself in that film!! At the 38-second mark, I grabbed my broNlaw Gary Robinson’s jersey (No. 41) as he was walking off the field. I was in a white cowboy hat and long dark coat. Ha!

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Thanks. That was so great and such a great time and team. We certainly had the best coach. I was at nearly all those games shown. I am sure Sam has or will show this clip to his guys. That team is one of the reasons I am still on here. I know what it feels like.

Aloha and mahalo Wiz!
You know how to make an OG cry. Great find. As a student at the UA in the late 70s, I had great pleasure in knowing CFB and Wilson Matthews. I was in awe whenever I was in their presence. Wilson had the rep to be feared but but was always exceptionally kind and considerate to the students. I remember waiting in line for a couple of days for tickets to the 1980 Sugar Bowl. He gently pulled me aside and took me into his office and spent several minutes personally shifting through all of tickets to find me the best remaining pair for me and Herb Vincent, one of the current SEC Deputies. What a class act.
As for CFB. Passionate, highly successful but humble. Spoke with him on many occasions. No matter the how busy he may be, he always made quality time for me.
Both men were outstanding role models and living legends at the time. I feel truly blessed to have known them.
UA…Campus of Champions


Jim Williams did a nice job with the narration.

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Dang, that was really good. Thanks Wiz.

Enjoyed the video. Tks!

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