This unfortunately isn't going to last

But after the indoor track meet, UA leads the Directors Cup standings.

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Paint the road signs anyway…Nice to see a Runnin Razorback looking back on the field, particularly that brunt orange uterus…


Let’s see, what would it take for us to finish top 5…

Elite Eight is worth 73 points. Final Four is 83.

Women aren’t in the hoops tournament, so that cuts out 25 points we got last year.

We got 60 points from gymnastics last year. Making it to the national championship (top 8) is worth at least 71.

We’d need big points from outdoor track, baseball, softball and golf. Omaha and WCWS are worth at least 73 points each. Men’s golf got 9th last year and women were 22nd; higher total there would help.

Top five last year took 1180 points (Florida). So we’d have to get 700+ in the rest of the year to make top 5 (if you don’t remember, we finished 7th last year).

But, sure does look dam fine! :sunglasses:

We’re going to have a really hard time ever winning it because we don’t have enough sports. We have 19. Stanford, which won it every year for seemingly forever until Texass won last year, has 38 sports. You can only count the top 19, of which four have to be baseball, both flavors of hoops and women’s volleyball, but Stanford can toss out a lot of sports to keep that top 19. We have to count everything.

Texass has 21 sports and scored 1449 to win the DCup last year, so their 19 scoring sports averaged 76 points. Three nattys (100 each – men’s indoor track, women’s tennis, women’s rowing) helped that average. We’d have to somehow get close to that kind of average to have a chance.

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