This umpire took it a little too far

Batter complained about a close call, next pitch wasn’t in the same area code, strike three, game over.

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Was that Perry Costello?


I’ve seen this happen before, but not to THAT degree.

TrackMan Ump would solve this.

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Just wow

There has to be some accountability for that.

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I hate to say it, because I hate to call for someone to lose their job, but that UMP should be done. PERIOD.

That was malicious intent. He knew it was a ball and he was just basically telling that player to kiss his backside because he didn’t like being questioned the pitch before.

If an ump has that kind of temperament, he has no place in the game.


Ump reacting to the batters displeasure with the strike 2 call. Yep we need to use TrackMan. Why would anyone not want it? Just curious…

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I’m all for technological advances. But if its going to be at the expense of taking away a skill from a player then I think its a bad thing. Trackman calling balls and strikes will remove one of a catchers crucial skills and that’s the ability to frame a close and/or possible ball into a strike. That is a skill and an advantage from a very savvy catcher.

New tech is great, but not when it trumps a skill that a player has developed.

Now I would be more than happy to see Trackman used to grade out an Umps performance after each game and if he is consistently below a certain percentage then that Ump is no longer allowed behind the plate, basically restricted to being on base.

Just my opinion, so probably only worth something to me. :slight_smile:

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Framing is not any more of a skill than flopping to draw a charging foul. I am not impressed when a catcher fools an umpire, whether it benefits my team or not.

When given the choice between TrackMan and an umpire acting out his ego like this episode, I’ll take the robot every time.


If they’d fire his butt for something like that or at least suspend him for a decent period, maybe the next Ump would think twice before doing something like that. But like so many things these days we just point a finger and something and say “BAD… don’t do it again” and that’s all that’s done. So there is little to no incentive to stop repeat offensives.

I can’t decide if I’m for it or not. As long as it’s not egregious, I’m not sure I want to rid the game of umpires. Even bad calls are part of the game. However, that particular call by that umpire deserves a severe reprimand of some sort.

That jerk needs to be fined like nobody’s ever been fined!!

I kid you not I saw Eric Greg call the Braves out on pitches not quite that far off the plate but not too far from being as bad as that it was absolutely ridiculous.

You could tell that jerk just wanted to go home he jerked his mask off and strolled his big butt off that field… I would love to see him suspended for about a month.

Hear is Eric Gregg fiasco!! His Fat butt got suspended and fined I think.15 Ks that day and as you could see the were nowhere near home plate

Kenny Lofton knew the strike zone! That’s happens a lot.
That umpire shouldn’t be allowed to call anymore.
Trackman mat be coming soon but it will change the game. The pitch clock has already changed the game a lot. What will baseball look like in 2 years?
Was that NLCS game the one where Franco was thrown out and McGriff had issues with zone too.

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That’s good to see! You can take it to the bank the SEC hasn’t been that quick to ever hold an umpire in baseball or a ref in basketball or football accountable! It just means more what a joke.


Ole fat boy Gregg just had something against the Braves. They always had run-ins when he was behind the plate so I wasn’t shocked at all …what he did was on purpose!! He did get fined and I think suspended but that’s a fireable offense because that was in the playoffs and it cost the Braves big time…
I don’t remember if Franco or anybody was thrown out I just know that the announcers knew that the Braves were getting shafted…

Stevie Wonder even called in and said so!!!

Good he most certainly deserved it …you could tell it was on purpose because he just stormed off like he was the baddest dude in the world.

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Screams to be fired, absolutely.

The linked story doesn’t name the ump, but the box score at the UNO site does. His name is Reggie Drummer.

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When a ball can’t be hit by any player in baseball history, it’s not a strike…


What would have really been cool would have been if that pitch had gotten by the catcher, the moron called it a strike, and the batter still reached first on a K