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Good find, Gentry!


:rofl: :rofl:


There is a right way and a wrong way to build a program. Tony sold out and built his program on hype and antics. Meanwhile, DVH just stays classy and is going back to Omaha with a great chance to win it all. No way in hell I would ever let Vitello anywhere near the job of head Hog.


Tony is a good coach. He needs some seasoning and a lot of that will tone down. I bet in 5 years, you won’t recognize him as the coach you see today.

I know he’s relatively young (2 years younger than I), but it seems he’s old enough to look around and take stock of his and his team’s antics and make some adjustments. It’s not happening. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and his team are the same way in 5 years if he’s still there.

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I’m not sure he’ll age out of this. He’s already old enough to know better. Many people mellow as they age, but people who act that way & let their team act that way tend to always act that way. Woody Hayes comes to mind.


I mean, didn’t they make Omaha last year? Sometimes the best team just doesn’t make Omaha. We know that better than anyone. Has nothing to do with bat flips, middle finger flips or any other flips

It has nothing to do with it, but when you have a team that acts like an arse all season and they don’t make it, people will pile on


Oh no doubt. You bring that on yourself

After residing in TN since 98 my feelings for the Vols and Vol fans is a scrambled up mess. Vol fans - I have so many great friends who are die hard fans. Good people. Humble, classy when they win and complimentary to my Hogs when we win. And the same goes for my many visits to Knoxville for football, basketball and baseball. We’ve always been treated with respect (except for 1 drunk frat boy).

But with all of that being said I’m always very happy to see the Vols go down. All this prison orange grates on me. Rocky Top being played over and over at every local event makes me wanna puke. I wear my Hog gear almost daily (win or lose) and hold my head high because you can take the man out of Arkansas but you can’t take the Arkansas out of the man. Thankfully DVH is a class act and demands that from his players. The NC coach gave him a hat’s off for their conduct and sportsmanship.


Got back yesterday from a week long trip in Gatlinburg. Wore Hog gear as much as I could!


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