This too shall pass....

I sat in the stands yesterday watching the Tulsa game…looking at the sparse crowd of around 40,000 fans…it was one of the most quiet games I have ever been to. I caught some rays and just bs’ed with other fans about the game. I thought of all the times I had been in that stadium over my 70 years…the many big games we had played there when we were a really good and proud program. I remember wondering to myself…will we ever be good again?

I was there at the Big Shootout in 1969 while I was going to school. The noise, the excitement of being a great program…and we were…was pretty cool. Man, I wish I could go back to that time to experience it all again. We are so far from where we were, I wonder if that way will ever come again? When I was 20, I thought we would always be good…

A lesson to the young and to the foolish…if we rise out of this abyss…please try to soak it in and enjoy it. It won’t last forever.

Well said, I have faith we will rise again. Soon.

My thoughts exactly. I was there in '69. It was my Sr. yr. The whole world was watching. I was there in '64. We lost one game in '65 and we thought the world had come to an end.

There was never a seat to be had in Fayetteville or LR.

It only goes to show what a poor coach or series of them can do. I hope Morris is the guy. Perhaps. I see things, a lot of things I like, but then I see few things that makes me stop. Still, the guy is all about recruiting and that is how it must be.

This team is so devoid of talent that it is amazing. One or two players go down and the offense comes to a stop. Still, they are playing hard and are improving somewhat. I guess that is all we can ask at this time.

I don’t know how many more seasons I have left, but Lord, please don’t let me go out with this once proud program in this shape.

We will be good again. I just hope I am not to old to enjoy it :grinning:

Jhawg, Colorado Hog - Great points and so true.

I am having similar thoughts and yesterday I just enjoyed watching the game and the victory, no pressures, no worries…the Hogs won and that was good enough for me. College football is so different today and in a league like the SEC, once you are down and near the bottom, it is super tough to stop the bleeding. The nice thing we have working for us is the facilities and a young energetic coaching staff that is out recruiting like heck. Time will tell.

Ah yes the memories. I remember when Jimmy came to the Rock to play Kenny, Miami vs. my Hogs. I remember the shock of a 51-7 beating. Nothing like that had ever happened before, and at the Rock! But many more were to come.

Great post. So true. I came of age in the late 70s through end of the 80s. From 1975 until 1990, the Hogs missed making a bowl game – twice. The worst season imaginable was 5-5-1 in 1976. 5-6 was the imagined “as bad as it could get”, but 6-5 was considered rock-bottom.

In 1989, after back-to-back SWC championships and 10-2 seasons – Coach Hatfield was 55-17-1 in in 6 seasons, to this day the winningest coach in Arkansas history by percentage – and Coach Broyles ran him off. In one season the 3 decade golden age of Razorback Football was gone as the Hogs went 3-8 with Jack Crowe — 3-8 was unthinkable, impossible – a nightmare horror show that could not be true – but it happened. I – as all Hog fans – were in shock and did not know what to make of it. Surely we would wake up from the bad dream to find out that it was not real. Nope.

That was 28 years ago – and it’s not been the same since – not even close. Just one new coach after the other and the never-ending excuse that the new coach needs 5 years because the cupboard is bare.

The despicable Bobby Petrino – awful a person as he was – took the Hogs back to prominence – places they’d not been in 40 years. The Arkansas Razorbacks we’d all grown up with were back – then it all ended because he told a fib about an afternoon motorcycle ride in the country with a young lady not his wife. That was 7 years back, and the Hogs have not even come close to returning to those big-winning ways.

Coach Broyles deserves more credit than he gets for the Razorbacks athletic program – but the running off of Ken Hatfield was his biggest mistake and the damage it caused is with us to this day. That was all about ego and personality. For years the critics of Hatfield defended the running off of Hatfield, diminished his winning way as insignificant, said the winning was boring, etc – but all these years later those folks have been silenced for one simple reason – winning and losing – that won-loss record stands and nothing – absolutely nothing has come close since – and the numbers don’t lie. The Hogs either win or they lose – and Coach Hatfileld won, and the losing has far exceeded the winning since 1989.

Ironically – and as time goes on the similarities are eerie – but the running off of Petrino and inability to find some way to forgive and move forward ultimately came down to ego and personality as well – Jeff Long had an unstoppable egomaniac who won big on his hands. Long – like so many of us – thought it was not so much about coaching but instead the incredible harvest of talent on the roster such that any competent coach could take and would win – and a la 1988,1989 to 1990 – the Hogs went from 10-3 and 11-2 seasons to 4-8.

And later we all found out that Long had a man crush on the Wisconsin coach who wrote him a love note after he had the good sense to fire a big-winning coach. When Long would not fire his admirer to make way for the big money savior from Auburn – he got fired and one more football season was written off to waste even though there were 9 games left to play.

It’s a disaster, a failure of leadership, plain and simple.

It’s not looking good at all for any rise from this abyss at any time in the foreseeable future.

But as the wise poster has said – if we do – savor every moment because it won’t last forever, even if it goes on for 30 plus years, the good times always come to an end at some point.

I didn’t realize there were that many of us geezers on this board. What’s going to happen to it when we all die off?

I have come to conclude that among many young people in this site, there are also many old ones like myself who have seen the best and not so good times of AR football. We all yearn for being good enough to receive some degree of respectability. I am in the opinion that we are in the right track with Morris and the “Chief” because they can recruit. They are recruiting talent and speed that we are lacking at this time. The problem is that it takes a couple years for these high school bodies to develop to SEC bodies while they are learning the new system. Meantime we may hear the cries “Fire the coaches”, as someone did just last week about Chavis. To me the issue is now can we have the patients to endure the ups and downs that are ahead of us in the next few years. if so, I have confidence that these guys can recruit and compete give necessary time.

  1. I love his background, his enthusiasm, his devotion to recruiting, and I LOVED how he met our team. First words out of his mouth “sit up, get your feet on the floor”. As a father, I just loved that approach. not mean or demeaning, just telling the kids how it is, matter of fact, with no room for argument. Just expect them to be mature and act like we all agree that that is the way to do things.
  2. I was shocked at how good his first recruiting class was. And equally shocked by how most of our state, at least on this website and the radio, received it. I think time will prove it to be VERY good, under the conditions/time restraints he had to work with
  3. I was very worried after the CSU and UNT games. just could not believe what I was watching
  4. Now he’s managed to put a team together. which is remarkable, given our QB’s and our OL talent, and the injuries. We had a poor OL no matter what happened this season, ,this is just not a talented group. then to lose starting LT, backup LT for weeks. to lose starting C for the year/career, then our top 2 backup guards, one maybe a starter, for their careers. Tjhat’s incredible! we didn’t have 10 scholy OL for weeks, literally couldn’t practice a 2 deep…
  5. I wondered why he recruited Boyd, since we had “so many good TB’s”. clearly he knew what he was doing, as Boyd is our only RB that other teams fear. then I wondered why he was recruiting so many WR’s, when we had so many needs and “so many WR’s already”. once again, it’s very clear that he can identify our needs quickly, cuz none of our current WR’s can get open reliably.
  6. call me impressed, and very hopeful of the future. can’t wait to watch this coaching staff with some players, who they appear to be gathering rapidly!