"This time we're coming for the whole. Damn. Thing."

I love Phil’s call. I hope the whole state of Mississippi choked on it.


I love listening to Phil and Bubba

I really enjoy Phil! I listen to the radio broadcast and mute the TV most of the time while the game are on!

I was streaming the video and had rewound it to rewatch Kjerstad’s homer and forgot to fast forward back to live. So my brother texted me about Casey’s homer and I realized I was running behind at least a minute. I didn’t mind Matwick and Walker this time. Walker actually had some good points. I liked him talking about how going to Omaha changes a player’s life. Eight of our 27 are going back for a second bite, the other 19 get their first taste.

I loved it

He wrote it Saturday night to have ready if needed

It was great. He said it with conviction to.

As Bubba would say, “I’ll tell you what, that right there was great”!

I wondered if he had it written. Looked like he was reading it. Needless to say, IT WAS AWESOME!!

Very enjoyable. He’s finally reached Chuck Barrett status with me. A high compliment to Phil in my eyes.

It’s taken awhile for me to really like Phil. But he’s doing a great job. Bubba adds to the show that completes a great team to listen to.

I agree, Phil and Bubba make a great team they stay in the flow of the game, each one speaks at the right time without one stepping on the other or both trying to talk at the same time. Both men have a good dry sense of humor towards each other also.
Now if we do bring home “the whole dam thing” that phrase will forever be connected with this NC and possibly future ones for AR programs as well.