This time of year is agonizing for me as a sports fan......

…I feel about Major League Baseball like I do the NBA, there are so many games, each one ends up being almost meaningless and I don’t even bother watching until the playoffs. It is worse in the NBA where the players just go through the motions for 3-1/2 quarters and don’t even play hard until the end of the game, unless it is the playoffs.

I am mostly a college football, basketball, and baseball fan. The games are interesting because the players and their fans do care a lot when they play. The NFL is usually worth watching but not as high priority as college football.

Now, there is nothing for me to watch in sports. I just have to wait, not so patiently, for the fall to get here. Thankfully, every once in a while, there is some recruiting news in between the long wait or I would go completely crazy. Go Hogs.

This is right where I am.

I am ready for football

While I am not a fan of MLB, I am a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. If not for the Cardinals. I would be watching only an occasional MLS match or International friendly if I happened to be flipping through the channels at the right time. I’m not complaining mind you. Even couch potatoes need an off season.

You sound like me, Hogmondo. I grew up loving MLB. There was a time I could tell you the last 10 World Series winners. Not now. I think the strike that cancelled the World Series did it for me.

As far as the NBA, I quit paying attention when Dennis Rodman came around and was a star. For some reason, I think he ruined the NBA.

Summer is the dead season for me. I can’t stand Golf, MLB or NBA.

I don’t like any pro sports except golf. Even golf I rarely watch anymore. I watched parts of the BoSox game last night only because I wanted to watch Benintendi. I happened to tune in just moments before he scored his first run from third & again just as he came to bat & hit a double. Watched until he scored off that & watched no more.

Unfortunately, I’m not nearly as amped up about this coming football season as I usually am. I think it’s because I’m still a bit pessimistic & the last two games last year left such a bad tasted in my mouth. Maybe by this time next month, I’ll be a bit more excited & much more optimistic about the upcoming season. I usually get more optimistic as the fall draws near. I feel a bit better as I’ve read a bit more about our o-line & maybe some improvements in the D. I’m glad we’ve got the kid coming in from USC to add immediate depth to our RB situation, but I’m not quite ready to believe we’ll have a particularly good season. Hope I’m way wrong.

Since we cut cable I have found that I don’t watch sports much at all. Excluding Arkansas games, I’d have to go back several months to count 10 events that I’ve watched on TV. I didn’t watch any of the NBA playoffs for the first time in probably 20 years, caught a little bit of a couple games in Omaha and watched none of the U.S. Open for the first time since Tiger won at Pebble Beach. In fact, outside of a couple of shows on Netflix, I haven’t watched much of anything in a long time.

I’ve found that I watched most programming - including sports - out of boredom or convenience, instead of because it was something I liked. The deduction in my time on TV has made me appreciate and enjoy more the shows and sports that I do like when they are in season. I also find myself out of the house more trying to find new hobbies.

What you say is right, if you confine yourself to just American sports that are played within our borders,

For a true sports junkie like me that follows American sports as well as world sports, there is no shortage of sports to watch. There is Wimbledon Tennis and Tour de France in progress, Gold Cup Soccer starts Friday. British Open Golf, World Championships for Track & Field and Swimming are right around the corner followed by US Open Tennis. And by the time they are done, football is ready to go,

I love the way the schedule works.

Hogmodo, I watch SEC football, exclusively. No pro sports at all and any other college football would be limited to some bowl games and the championship play offs. So, I share your discomfort and pain.

No mistake, I want all women’s and men’s Razorbacks to win whatever the sport is, but football is the only sport that I watch on TV or follow. If there is an exception it would be women’s basketball; and that would be because of a head coach that left over ten year ago. Maybe the new coach can rekindle the interest there.

So, waiting for Razorback football season is a bit like waiting a year between seasons of “Outlander” and “Vikings.”

We are close to the worst part of the sports drought, at least for a guy like me that is mainly interested in college and pro football and college basketball.

I watch the Hog baseball team, but I don’t have a lot of passion for college baseball, just like to see the Hogs do well I watch bits of MLB here and there, and will go to a game every now and again, but I can’t remember the last time I watched a full MLB game on TV. I go out and watch the Travelers play a few time before it gets too hot, but I could not tell you who won those games a week after it happened, it’s just a relaxing evening. I watch bits and pieces of NBA games, but again never watch a full game.

So for me the sports drought starts when spring football practice is over(which under BB has always been after the NCAA playoffs are done), and gradually gets worse until NFL camps open, when my interest starts to pick up. When the Hogs open camp I start to really perk up, and of course from Labor Day until the end of basketball season is prime time for me.

For now, there’s football magazines, message boards -which have little tidbits of info and lots of threads of people freaking out over every little recruiting twist-, and not much else. I actually watched over a quarter of a CFL game the other night, when it was raining and I could not go do something else.

I am hooked on Vikings too, but not Outlander. Am I missing something good? The Forged in Fire series kind of scratches my Vikings fix in a weird sort of way. There was an Arkansas blacksmith and weapons maker on the tube <LINK_TEXT text=“ … niel-casey”></LINK_TEXT> for a while and I really enjoyed his program. Don’t know what happened to it.

For me, I go from the CWS to the Tour de France, which, by the way is turned into quite a contact sport with crashes at over 30mph. There’s also a lot of nice countryside to see. Then after the tour, it’s fun to watch the Little League World Series. Very fun watching those kids. Then before I know it, its CFB.

Outlander as a TV program is difficult to cover in a short synopsis. Each season has been based on one each of the first two books written by Diana Gabaldon entitled “Outlander” and “Dragonfly.” First one was based in Scotland and the second was primarily set in Paris. Both set in the mid 1700s and featured a lead female character who was a time traveler. Married in the 1940’s to an educator and in the 1740’s to a Scottish warrior.

Check this link below and about mid page all of Ms Gabaldon’s books are pictured. Click on each book and you get a rather good synopsis of the book and in some instances it’s characters.

First season was outstanding; second season was not as good but still entertaining. So yeah, I’m hooked I guess.

For those of you who are just plain football fans… You might want to check out the Canadian Football League. Their season has started, and I have kind of gotten into it the past few years in this time of year.

All the games are available on ESPN 3, and some are on the main ESPN networks. You will find some names occasionally that you remember from SEC schools.