This (the TE) will be the surprise position of 2016

That’s what Clay said before his sabbatical.

I really wonder about that. Why Clay? What have you seen or heard that leads you to this bold prediction?

And, if TE is the biggest surprise what does that mean?

My two cents worth is that I thought Bell looked good and fluid in catching one ball during the Spring game. But then, I’m thinking he might move back to DE.

Obviously, i’m not Clay. But I do have an answer to your question… It’s numbers… And talent.

Clearly, we have one stud in Sprinkle. Other than that we have one veteran who is a solid if not spectacular (Kraus), three very highly thought of red shirt freshman (Gragg, O’Grady and Canttell), and Antoine for depth (and that’s not even taking into account the true freshman from Mississippi who will almost certainly redshirt this year). We just need one of the 3 red shirts to come through to have a strong situation there, and if 2 step up you’ve got an embassment of riches at TE. The odds favor this prediction coming true.

I agree one of the need to step up and give a lil help

I mentioned this in another thread that TE (besides Sprinkle) will be the breakout surprise player on offense.
Which one it actually is I don’t know. But I look for one to step up as teams concentrate on Sprinkle. I look for Mr Sprinkle to follow in the footsteps of Henry as well and be an All SEC 1st teamer.

It surprises me when a “must get” 4 star recruit (and the top rated player in the state of Arkansas) is forgotten once he red-shirts (Will Gragg).

I think Jeremy Sprinkle is a special player. I think Jack Kraus is going to surprise some people. I also know that Anthony Antwine is better than most imagine. There is a good number of others going to contribute there. I think several from that deep list of redshirt freshmen will blossom. I know they will have a plan on how to best utilize all of those. Of course, they have more wide receivers don’t need as many tight ends, but they will have tight ends when it’s time to confuse the defense with formation, motion and shifts.

Clay, is Cantrell out of position at TE? Should he be comfortable at FB or LB instead?
I watched him play at Roland and he dominated, albeit 3A Oklahoma High School Football.


Can’t wait to see what the TE group does this season.