This the swing I wish Casey Martin would copy

Mike Trout is the best player in the game and used to be dead pull hitter like Casey is,This is the exact same swing philosophy Freddie Freeman uses as well…probably want happen but I would show it to him

It’s a pretty swing. There’s a lot of different swings out there. The one thing I’ve noticed over the years different hitters get their timing in different ways. So whatever works for each player should be what they do! Small changes sometimes mess them up! Like Heston last year stopped the leg kick and went back to it! The main thing be patient and swing at strikes. Don’t get yourself out!

Totally agree about swing at strikes that’s what’s been getting him out more than anything he just has such good speed I’d like to see him use the whole field

I think it’s about keeping your head down and focusing on seeing the ball. Trout’s approach helps that happen, too.

I love watching batters watching the ball into the catchers mitt; that shows their head’s still down. I notice Goodheart doing that a lot, even though he’s not a power hitter like Martin. It’s a good method to assure more contact, in fair territory.

looks like a lot of the fundamentals of a golf swing. right elbow dropping, hips clearing, and weight shift to left side. don’t know if he plays golf but he could be a pretty good golfer i think.

It will be very hard for Casey to hit the ball the other way as long as he starts off with an open stance. Kjerstad is just the opposite,he starts off with a closed stance which allows him to stay on the ball longer and drive the ball the other way as well as he does… when you have an open stance like Casey ,it’s very hard to cover the outside corner with the barrel unless you are stepping into the pitch which he does not do. He supposedly has been working on it though so we will see.

Really good hitters like Pete Rose and Rod Carew watch the ball and the way to the bat! So your right!
Casey Martin is strong enough to hit the ball with power to all parts of the field. He’s good enough to make the adjustments and as some folks have said it may be the open stance preventing him from being able to take that outside pitch to the right side with out rolling over it or totally pulling off the ball. Letting the ball get deep helps sometimes.
One thing for sure Nate Thompson is a good hitting coach and he will work with him.

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