This Teams Development

Clay asked coach Van Horn at the PC today about the team improving and his goal of getting better each day. Of course, all coaches say that, but DVH does it year in and year out. That has been especially true this year. It was just two or so weeks ago we (a lot of us anyway) were ringing our hands about pitching depth. It was not great or at least it was hit or miss. It was called correctly a box of chocolates. Look at how that has changed in the last two weeks. Heck, today was “Staff Day” and they all came in throwing strikes and getting outs against one of the best programs in the country.

You can see development across the board. Sure, he has had talent with which to work, but he sure knows how to blend and develop it. All SEC teams have talent and most have plenty of it. Still, Dave’s team always seemed to be one or two runs better and sometimes more. You call it luck or whatever when it happens once or twice, but not when it happens all the time.

The man is just great!


Best in college in my book. I don’t see a coach in the college ranks I would trade him for.

I remember a few years ago when we had a terrible slump mid season. Loss after loss, bad news bears stuff. But Dave said we just got to keep working this team is better than that. By seasons end they were just that, about as good as anybody.
Never doubt that man ever.

He’s had only one team that truly flopped. Of course maybe I jinxed them since I attended every home game in 2016. They were the opposite of this year’s team. They would have a lead going into the sixth inning and then blow it. It was ugly.

I think his successive teams have made up for the one bad one.

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Yeah that 2016 team seriously went in the tank.

I think DVH can go as long as he wants to. He hires great assistants, recruits like a maniac, develops the people once they get here, and pushes the right buttons when the lights are on (Charlie Welch? Seriously?)

Somebody needs to work with Welch on that caterpillar on his lip though :laughing:

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