This team

is so much better than last year’s team at this point in the season. Night and day difference. Muss has done a great job preparing this group of players for the long conference grind through all the adversity and distractions. Even w/o Brazile and Smith, Arkansas is definitely better than UK, Auburn, and Bama and at least on par with Tennessee. I thought that when Brazile went down the team would struggle some. Nope. No Brazile and Smith. No problem. It’s just next man up and they keep rolling along. This team just has IT, imo, and passes the eyeball test in a big, big way. My eyeballs anyway. The defensive pressure this team puts on its opponents is just incredible. Can’t wait for the conference opener.


Yes , to me we spread the floor more than we have in previous games, like Muss’ first yr. Is that just me did we do a better job at it tonight ?

Muss has more toys to play with than he’s ever had.
Enjoy the ride.

If Graham can ever figure out how to play defense, we are a big problem for everyone.


Ain’t it nice !!!

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This team, even without Nick and Trevon, is a damn good team. Their defensive ability maybe the best of many fine Razorback defenses. Don’t count the Hogs out because their defense will keep them in the game. The offense will score enough to win most games. We are deep, athletic, long and well coached. This will be a fun year.

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Hey, losing Smith and Brazil, will impact this team in SEC play. The grind starts…let’s see how we play.

Very impressed with the interior footwork of Graham and Mahki. We have been blessed with some good interior players recently, but not sure their ability to get their shot in close were any better than what these guys are showing. Gafford was explosive, but not that developed in his offensive game and Williams was a player for us, but I don’t remember his moves and abilities at the rim being the equal of these two.

The highest praise I can give this team is that they are the most unselfish bunch of young guys I’ve ever watched play. No matter if they’re down ten or up ten there’s enough ball to go around and they are very good at finding the guy with the hot hand. Muss has done a tremendous job building unity into this roster and it will pay dividends throughout the season. WPS


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