This Team

This team has managed to stretch out at the end and take the win of many close games. They are either better coached, in better condition, just tougher, lucky, or a combination of those factors. We can probably toss luck, as that would end up with a more 50:50 outcome. Saturday will test all of that and the resolve of the fans, too. It will be wild. WPS!

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Coaching makes a difference. You also need some talent. As for luck, good teams find themselves being courted by Lady Luck.

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Pomeroy has a luck rating in his system. Hogs are #155 in luck, slightly better than break-even but not much. Providence, by contrast, is the nation’s luckiest team; they keep winning nailbiters. Providence is 17 times luckier than the Hogs according to Kenpom’s numbers.

Is Providence lucky or…providential?

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Hope it’s not Divine Providence!

They won another one last night. Triple overtime at home against Xavier.

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