This Team

These games are showing a lot about this team and the coaching they are receiving. Close win, after close win after close win, especially on the road, don’t “just happen.” These guys know what to do and how to do it. They play so hard and so smart. The last 40 sec against W KY is the exception to that. It sure seems they have been coached on what happened then.

I don’t know what is going to happen here on out. We all keep pointing out the obvious limitations of this team and those are real. Still, even at LSU they had a chance to win in the end. As I said, those things don’t just happen. This guy can really coach and these players have learned to be fearless.

I am certainly not overlooking Vandy. Any team can win. We see that every night. No matter, I am looking forward to see how they play KY. How can they hope to match up with them, but somehow, I bet they do. I did not say win, but sure would not surprise me if the did go 2-0 this week. That would be amazing.

Remember, the smart guys covering the SEC picked this team 11th. Don’t know who those other 10 teams are, but the SEC must really be deep this year if that is the case.

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I totally agree.

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