This team reminds me of 1993

1992 was Day, Mayberry, Miller’s last year. Disappointing out to Memphis State. In 1993 we can back with a very gritty “team” team. They were a great group to cheer and exceeded expectations. What I saw today reminded me out that team.

So this team is going to the Sweet 16? Heck yeah.

Gator…I thought the exact same thing. Said as much to my wife…

Totally agree. I started thinking the same thing after the Texas loss. Different outcome than the first game of the last season at Barhill vs Memphis St. I remember the Tigers were ranked #8 at the time & Arizona #9 when the Hogs best them 4 days later.

That sure is a good team to compare these young hogs team with. I hope they can have a good year like the 93 team.
The 93 team shot free throws a little better than this team to this point.

Uh, Army, you might want to edit your last post…

I don’t know, I think that accurately describes the way we shoot them this year.

I second that!

Thanks and sorry for the mistake.

It was a really great win! You have to like the defense. Indiana has been scoring over 90 points a game. But, it’s a long way from being a sweet 16 team. Yes, Indiana beat Marquette but they have also been a .500 team the last two years. Not the Indiana that you think of. The shooting also has to improve dramatically. Take Gafford’s numbers out and they shot 32% for the game and only 37% in the three games. Those aren’t sweet 16 percentages especially since the conference may be the strongest it has been in years. That said, I think each game we will continue to see improvement as they learn the college game. With so many young players, I think we have to remember what Anderson said once. Some games will be 40 minutes of hell and some will be 40 minutes of what the hell


…But, it’s a long way from being a sweet 16 team.

[/quote]Yesterday’s game was only the third for this very young Hog team, playing a much more mature Indiana squad. I thought the Hogs played great…really great for game #3. Jones played with composure, Gafford with intensity and the coach with confidence. Moreover, I’ve seen real progress since the Texas loss.

A long way from #16? That’s not the team I saw yesterday.

Crazy to think we’re only one missed FT away from being 3-0 with two big wins to open the year. I’m liking the trajectory of this team and I think they’re a dark horse to make the tournament. What’s most exciting to me is that Joe, Harris, Jones, Sills, and Keyshawn all have at least 3 years left. They’re going to be studs.

Exactly! For me too. Good observation.

BIG difference between this team and that one is that the current team does not appear to have anything close to a Corey Beck on the squad; nor a Scotty Thurman.

I guess you could equate Gafford to Corliss, though they are different players. Both very talented, but get it done in different ways. No, I’m not saying Gafford will every be as consistent and dominant as Corliss was that year. But they both “mark the box” for a big time inside player.

In referencing Corey and Scotty, I’m not so much comparing basketball talent on the court so much as I am leadership and clutch time calmness (as I like to call them, the “alpha” qualities) that settles the entire team down. The 1993-95 teams knew from the very beginning who to trust and follow at crunch time. The current squad is trying to figure that out. When things start to go wrong, or it gets late in a close game, our talented newcomers are all looking at teach other and thinking too much about who our “alpha” is, and/or wondering if they should try to be that person. I was hoping that a red-shirt year practicing with our team last year would have positioned Harris to be that guy, at least early; but I haven’t seen as much of that as I would have liked in these first 3 games. However, it is still early - so that may change.

Just who emerges as the back-court leader, and how long it takes for that to be determined and integrated into our team’s psyche is one of - if not THE - main story lines of the 2018-2019 season, IMO. We’ve got enough talent to be pretty good. We just need the straw to stir the drink. Might it be Joe? I think he’s a leading candidate. He’s not there yet, but I think me may get there.

Scotty Thurman averaged 17 points per game as a freshman. Made 80 3-pointers making 44% of his attempts. Shot 80% at the line. The underappreciated part of his game: Thurman shot 124-258 (48%) from 2-point range as a freshman, averaging 8 ppg on 2-pointers alone.

Also underappreciated: Thurman averaged 4.4 rebounds per game. And had a positive assist/TO ratio. And made 49 steals. In a team-high 29 minutes per game.

Thurman was an unheralded recruit who was probably Nolan Richardson’s biggest steal/find ever.

That Razorback team had eight players who averaged double-digit minutes + was without freshman Corliss Williamson for 13 games. They had one of the most enjoyable seasons of Razorback basketball, period.

This year’s team might never have the five excellent outside shooters that the 1992-93 team had, but this team displays the skills to win in crunch time. Defense is potentially outstanding. As they round off the rough edges, the Hogs ought to look fine.

I watch Joe and I see Scotty Thurman. Right now Joe defers to Gafford, rightfully so. Scotty didn’t have to do that because Corliss was out. I think before the year is over Joe is going to be our go to guy in the clutch.

I can see a NCAA team. I do think that it’s a little early to compare this team to the 93 team. By tournament time, this was a very good team. In 1993, Thurman was a all SEC level player as a freshman. McDaniel and Beck were very solid offensively and strong defenders. Corliss missed the first half of the season and was not in game shape until March. They also had a very good senior wing in Darrel Hawkins. Hawkins experience and playing time during high level games provided the in game leadership that is crucial to a young team.

The current team has a lot of potential but it does not have the big game experience that the 93 team had. This team is not as skilled as that team. Gafford has high level NBA talent but his overall game still has some rough spots ( free throws turnovers ). He improvement is rapid and by March, he will be one of the best players in the country. Joe is a smooth shooter and has a lot of basketball skills. He is not as big, strong, and he is not the take charge leader that Scottie was. Jones looks to be a quality SEC player. The rest of the team shows potential but are not high level SEC players right now.

I caution everyone that this team will have some bad games. The games in the SEC will all be tough. I think that they will have a good year and be a fun team to watch and cheer for. I hope that this team does make a deep run in the NCAA tournament. I think that they can be one of Anderson’s best teams. With a good draw and some luck, they will respected in March. WPS.

Rice said it, we could use that one talented Senior leader (preferably a guard) to keep everybody directed & under control during stretches in games when opponents make their runs. Especially if DG is on the bench. We needed that against IU during their run, until DG came back in.
There will be storms to weather this year when DG is in foul trouble or not having a good game. Right now he is our glue, but he is still young himself.
I think this current team with 1 more year of experience under their belt would be a very close comparison to the 93 bunch. But that includes DG, which I don’t think we will have next year.


I think this current team with 1 more year of experience under their belt would be a very close comparison to the 93 bunch. But that includes DG, which I don’t think we will have next year.

[/quote]Given a full year of working closely together, I think this year’s team, along with DG, might look more like the 94 team than the 93 team.


Pretty hefty comparison. Maybe, depending on what the next class would bring to the table.