This team needs a win going in to the off season..........................

…which I know will be tough on the road in the SEC. We will be going against great quarterbacks and good defenses. Does this team at this point in this season have the ability to pull an upset on the road?

I said after the first game that we would be lucky to win four. I wish.

Don’t see how they do much against MSU. Don’t know much about MO other than they have played wel against and beaten some very good teams. That would indicate it will be very difficult. It requires some degree of defense to pull off an upset and this team has almost none. MSU held Bama to 21. We allowed what, 65 or so. You can always hope. Maybe one of those teams will give some gifts, but I doubt we could even accept them.

Short answer - no.

I don’t see it happening. Mississippi State’s defensive front might be the best in the SEC and should shut Arkansas down offensively similar to the way LSU did. Missouri has the capability of picking apart most defenses.

Odds of winning

1000-1 against MSU
100-1 against MO

If we win somehow, would be one of the greatest upsets in Arkansas history.

I don’t think the team “needs a win”. (Neither do I think they’ll achieve a W during the next two weeks.) But, I do believe the team as “won” (achieved) during the year. Certainly the recruiting effort appears to be very good, if not amazing. And, I also believe I’ve seen progress on the field. What the team needs more than anything is a good, strong, fast QB who can run this type of offense.

No way we go down to the Cow College and get a win this year.

The Maroons have a stout defensive line and will shut us down like LSU. MSU has a weak offense…but they won’t need a lot of scoring to beat us. I think it will be a low scoring game because MSU doesn’t have a balanced offense. They are a running team this year since Dan Mullen left. Arkansas’ defense is pretty decent against the run, so we match up pretty well in that regard.

Missouri will pass us into the ground with that secondary of ours We don’t match up with them, I don’t think.

Unless one of next 2 opponents just lays down plus an egg it will be extremely difficult (not impossible) for us to pull off a win. Stranger things have happened.

Mizzou is our best shot. Not a good shot but may be doable
if we don’t lose some starters against that monster defense
they will play this coming week.

Unlike most of you I consider the Moo U game the best chance for a win. They may throw an interception it we cruelly look for the ball that could turn into a defensive score. Our offense will be lucky to score.
After the first half of the LSU game I have zero confidence in our OC to open it up and try to score to open up any game.
Our d dense might be able to hang with Moo U but like other have expressed Missouri has the QB to pick the hogs apart.
To beat Missouri we need 3 interceptions at least and 4 or more sacks. Our offense is just to flat and we don’t have the QB play to handle or sustain drives. We are still having false start penalties, failing to read a blitz, hanging onto the ball to long and just flat out missing wide open receivers.
Next year is my thought only winning 2 games this entire season. The young hogs that will return for next season would have to show a performance that haven’t had yet this year. This season has been a continuation of the Belk bowl 2 years ago.
They have missed their chance to win against Ole Miss and Vandy. Those are the games they should have won.