This team misses Jabril Durham on offense...

and noone misses him more than Moses Kingsley and Dusty Hannahs. He ran the offense and set these two up. He kept the ball moving; he pentrated with purpose to set up others—not throw up a contested shot due to indecision.

…which is why I think Bear’s minutes need to go up. He creates more looks for the scorers than anyone else. Far more than Barford.

Manny and Beard need to share the PG spot. Manny has the team’s best Assist to TO ratio and it’s not close. Manny has a phenomenal ratio of 4:1. Playing PG and facilitating for others seems to come naturally to Manny.

I think the Barford to PG trial has run its course. It’s not fair to the team AND it’s not fair to Barford. He’s never played PG before. This isn’t a shot a Barford. He was a great natural scorer in JC play and he could be a very good scorer for the Hogs. When he’s playing the point, it seems like he’s mentally dwelling on what he needs to do as a facilitator and it’s adversely affecting his natural skill of scoring.

Let Jaylen play the 2-3 and not have to handle the ball constantly. Maybe even let him play the 4 when Mike goes to the small line-up. He’s strong, let him bang on the boards. Now, Mike brings Manny in at the 4 in the “small” line-up. This way he could bring him in as the PG in the small line-up.

Agreed on Beard needing to play more and Barford’s struggles. Meant to write about it this week, but didn’t have time. May do so before Tuesday. They just don’t have many guys who can set the table in the halfcourt, but Anton has been by far the best at it (Macon shows some flashes). Anton has been one of the two or three best players on the team this year, in my mind.

Jaylen has maybe been the most underwhelming player on the roster. Very one-dimensional on offense in that if he’s not getting to the rim and scoring, he isn’t bringing much to the table.

Simple solution switch Jaylen & Macon.

Jaylen is oozing with talent but it’s hard to exhibit when you’re turning down shot’s to keep the Offensive sets mobile.

He is a natural SG who loves to attack and score everyone can see that. Give Macon the management position because he is a definite outside threat when the Offense becomes stagnant.