This team may get a good test next Wed

U T Arlington gave OK State all they could handle tonight. OK st won by 8. They out rebounded UTA by 21, but UTA turned OK St over 17 times while they had only 5 TOs. We will need to value the ball against UTA.

Cunningham, next NBA draft’s probable #1 pick, had 5 TOs and, of course a 21 and 10 double double. Should be a good test for Tate and KK.

Might be true but OSU’s defense is not nearly as good as the Hogs. I suspect we will cause way more than 5 TO’s.

Game was played in Arlington…already a roadie W for the Stillwater gang.

They are pretty good, just depends on if our 3s are falling,we make them,we can beat a lot of folks.

That was a very nervous start to his college career by Cunningham. He will play better next time out, With that, it was hard to judge how good they are.

Yes, They are in a similar situation as LSU a few years ago. LSU, with Ben Simmons, the #1 NBA draft pick, didn’t even make the NCAA tournament. I don’t think OK State has a lot of talent around Cunningham, so they may end up like LSU did.

The similarity doesn’t end with the 2 teams either. Cade isn’t as strong as Ben, but is a better shooter. They are about the same height and both are very tall point guards.

Okie Lite got a tournament ban out of the college hoops scandal so we already know they won’t be dancing. Cunningham decided to enroll anyway, in part because they hired his brother, Okie Lite is appealing but I don’t think it will help.

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