This team isn’t very good right now....

I don’t care if we are in 1st and ranked in top 10, we are just not playing good baseball.
I realize the SEC is fabulous but we are 4-5 in 2nd half with 3 of those coming against Alabama. We don’t have a dominant pitcher right now whatsoever, Knight is solid but his lack of weight and strength sure seem to struggles as season wears on. Murphy always battles and gives you a chance but he is not overpowering. And Campbell, he is more like a kitten than a bulldog, he just doesn’t seem to be able to pitch past a team getting a few hits in a row, looks like he mails it in.
Thank goodness for the freshman hitters Martin and Kerjstad, both really good hitters despite the 5 K’s last night. Shaddy and Cole always have a great approach, they battle each at bat, toughest 2 outs on team. Koch with 7 HR’s, 13 last year he refuses to make adjustments and hit the ball hard oppo if you pitch him away. Bonfield with 6 HR’s another veteran having a worse year than last year, he is forever passive. Biggers has turned into a flyball machine, not having a good year at all, love to see Kenley work in there for a change. Both first basemen are just average players, sure miss the numbers from Spanbarger. Seems like we are playing way below our potential and maybe out of a National Seed.

don’t say that!! there are some on here don’t want to hear anything that is the truth…it is amazing.I love my Hogs but when they deserve criticism I’m not afraid to say it.

I agree they aren’t playing well right now. The Sunday pitching probably needs to be by committee. It happens that even good teams hit a snag. I expect them to start hitting better. Seems like several are in a rut at the same time. Still have a good shot of hosting. Errors were our downfall in both games we lost this weekend. Don’t know how the errors come on the road so frequently.

Saying it isn’t the problem. Never shutting up about it is the problem.

No doubt, but we’ll host and more than likely be a top 8 seed with 3 more wins out of our last 6.

I pass out plenty of compliments Gentry but unlike you and a few on here I’m going to call it like it is! we are not playing like the #4 team in the nation and haven’t for a while.

I’m glad we get the aggies at home. For whatever reason, we just don’t play well on the road. I hope we can win 3 but we may get swept by Georgia. So the Aggie series looms big and we need to win 3 to stay in contention.

As Gentry said it isn’t about saying it, but instead it’s pretty constant–for a probably national seed.

It’s funny. If people see some positives with a Top 5-10, probable national seed team, they’re just afraid to speak the truth. Whatever.

I will say they need to have some success in the next few weeks in road/neutral situations as they prepare for a very possible Omaha run.

They should have played better on the road. But, I also look at where they have been sent. Not many teams win series at Fla, OM and LSU.

The Miss St series was the one you point to and think it might be the one we will look back on if we miss out on winning the SECw or being a national seed.

In a long season, most teams have those.

I, for one, think we will win the SECw and will be a National Seed. If that happens I won’t be disappointed as some here seem to be.

Your first sentence said it all.

It’s sometimes about matchups. And, there are spurts from every player throughout the team – and other teams – that seem to take you on streaks. Right now Dominic Fletcher is on fire. He wasn’t earlier when Casey Martin and Heston Kjerstad were on fire. Eric Cole is also on a hot streak. Same thing happens for pitching. Some guys are doing better like (Reindl and Loseke) and others not as well (like Campbell). The wild card is Cronin. Need him back, but it may be a bit.

Being negative doesn’t mean you are being a realist.

Although that seems to be the philosophy of some.

Being fair is being objective. Seeing pluses and minuses in the right context.

Arkansas - yes, the team that is first in its a division and is a top 10 team - is a very, very good team.

But there are some flaws.

That’s just like dismissing Megan Fox being beautiful and calling her ugly for having brachydactyly, which is basically a fancy word for a clubbed thumb.

this team has the potential to be a very very good team and have shown it several times but on the other hand they also have shown that almost anybody can play with them on a given day that’s the frustration with them they aren’t consistent and why we have lost the road series.
they will have to get the RISP problem ironed out or its going to cost us when it matters the most,defense will have to be more reliable.

I have great faith in this team and that is why I am hard on them as the ole saying goes to whom much is given much is expected.i just hope we can play well these next 6 games and get a NS because it appears the only time we prove we are a top 10 team is at home.

It is baseball guys, no one plays well all the time.

you’re right no one plays well all the time and if this team played poorly every now and then it would be expected and be fine but we have played to the level of our competition over and over again and I can guarantee you DVH is frustrated with it,I can tell by the way he talks. need to play well down this final stretch and get that NS and then we will be fine

The thing we all aren’t saying in the forum and realizing the hogs gave away game 2 of the LSU series! Between see and I singles in this series and the errors late in the game that’s what cost! It happens. The hogs should have won game 2.

Game 3 if Cronin was healthy it would have been played a lot different out of the bull pen. Loeske and Rheindl can’t pitch in every game and the hogs win! We need others to step up and give a few innings.
Campbell had his beat 4 inning since the Kentucky game and he had nothing left in the 5 th inning. The coaches will have to figure out to pull the plug on him early when he goes out to the mound these next 2 weeks.

I was glad to see Heston hit the ball in game 3 and Shaddy. Overall the hogs are a good team but at times get beat and it makes you wonder how the ball can bounce the it did!

In my opinion if they don’t win 4 of these last 6 games they will host a regional but won’t get a super! I’d like to see a different mindset out of the hogs at Georgia. That’s where we need to win!

It’s terribly important we win at least 4 of the remaining 6. It might not cost us a top 8 position, but since every seed higher we are is one seed lower our likely super-regional opponent, I’d like to keep moving up.

However, I don’t think it’s a “mindset.” I know players can try too hard. They can press & be less effective. I don’t think there’s much a coach can say to a player to motivate him. At least if he’s not simply slacking. I doubt any of them are doing that. Sometimes it’s impossible to know, so a coach either has to “talk” to the player or replace him in the lineup. But even when a player gets replaced, it’s not because of a mindset. It’s just because he’s not doing as well.

I have no doubt our motivation will be good going into both series. Motivation & mindset won’t stop seeing eye singles or create them. It won’t make Kjestand swing & hit rather than swing & miss. We just have to hope our superior talent will make the difference to allow us to win at least 4 of the remaining games. Luck evens out over time. Skill & talent are on our side.

If Arkansas was ranked sixth in basketball and football, this board would be on fire.

But somehow baseball is ranked sixth and some of you seem like you are so disappointed with the season.

I get expectations, but dang.

Almost seems like some people think any positive outlook is to be avoided at all costs. Even when you’re top-10 in the country.

Baseball is a frustrating sport. Momentum is one pitcher away–for all teams. I don’t think it’s a matter of Arkansas “playing down” to the competition; I think it’s the competition playing up to Arkansas and getting fairly well-pitched games. Look at LSU. The Tiggers had their backs to the wall and had to win. Plus , they are hosting a Top-5 team at home. Do you think they were a little motivated? I do. They had no clue who they were going to pitch Sunday, so they started their midweek starter, and he pitches fantastic.

There’s no sense in being down on this team. Baseball is a frustrating sport at times. You can fuss and discuss every aspect of the game to death. The Hogs will be fine. The coaches see the issues and will do what is necessary to win.

I am somewhat disappointed by how we have played on the road. I thought going into the SEC (especially after the UK sweep) that we would win at least 2 road series. We could still win one.

But to be frank, when you look at where we had to go this year on the road (and yes, the SEC is just TOUGH this year), other than MSU, it is hard to say any series was big let down. Florida is clearly one of the top 2 teams in the nation and we beat them once and almost beat them again. Ole Miss is good and we again, beat them once and had shots at both other games, just didn’t do it. MSU? Well, that kind of sucked (getting swept). LSU? I think we are better than they are, Should have one the series, but, we didn’t.

If we win one more game against two of the following, UF, Ole Miss or LSU, no one is upset, even the OP. We didn’t. I don’t like it. But saying we aren’t very good? WAY OVER KILL.