This team is

Better than last years team in all areas but maybe pitching, however that area is coming around at the right time.

Last Year;
We didn’t do as well under pressure, this years team never yields, pitchers duels or slugfests, they will themselves to victory.

We were awesome at home but didn’t win a single road series. This years team wins everywhere, especially 2nd half of season.
(Forget the UALR game, don’t say it, but we needed that wake up call)

We lost games when other team came back and took lead. couldn’t make the play or get a much needed hit. Not this years team, plays great under pressure.

We depended on top players only to get it done. This year it’s shared more all thru the lineup. Game winning HR’s and hits coming anywhere from 1 thru 9.

DVH seems to read these kids a lil better and they seam to believe more. Example McFarland, Trest and others nuff said.

Pitching - Conner Noland is working his way to next years Friday night pitcher. Kiss football goodbye if so. Rightfully so.
Bull pen will be the key in post season and hopefully arms aren’t to sore by SEC tourney & Regionals. Been outstanding lately tho.

I like our chances if we don’t hit a deep valley slump and pitching keeps improving.

Last year’s team has more power, but this team sure can score. Bunts and runs more by design.

And it’s this reason, along with more seasoned pitching starters, that makes this year’s team appear less formidable. Yet, at 15-6 in the SEC, the Hogs only need to win 3 of their remaining 9 SEC games to equal their SEC record from that solid 2018 team.

As an aside, I’ll note that it was a freshman #9 hitter that tied the final game with a homer last weekend.

I’ve said many times, the road record is deceptive. Last year’s team lost series at three national seeds, a College World Series semifinalist and LSU.

This year’s team gets to play the two worst teams in the conference on the road.

All teams have their persona and it does appear this Hog team is extremely confident they are going to win and stay focused inning by inning. One thing this team has over last year’s is more speed and that puts a lot of pressure on the other team in so many aspects of the game. When DVH sits back in the dugout in a critical part of the game and let’s the team talk their way through the situation says a whole lot about where we are. I sure want another crack at that arrogant Northwestern team in the CWS.

I think the bullpen right now is kind of hit and miss and we’ll have to get straightened out if we are can go as far as last year’s team. I think it will make a break this team. I’m not real comfortable with anybody right now other than Kopps hopefully Kosty and ramage come around Scroggins too.It will be interesting to see how Cronin responds to getting hit hard so frequently I sense he’s losing confidence and he said as much even Friday when he got them out it took a great catch by Franklin on the track to save him, he is going to have to develop a curveball to become automatic.

Agree. My main concern as stated is the bull pen. But they are showing some strong improvement. We really need just a few more of them to be consistent.

Even though it may have cost us a game or two, DVH getting a lot of these young pitchers some experience early in the season was critical I think.

Yea if Cronin had a more confident curve and change up he would be near unhittable. Erratic plate umpires and strike zones don’t help either, but that’s the nature of the game.