This team is soo stacked

It’s crazy! I’ve just been thinking PPG …Oh my. DPG are you kidding me.

They aren’t even done yet.


Once everyone is on or off and the roster is not shakin, I would love to hear some team DPG expectations and projections.

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I’m wondering about steals per game or don’t let the other team’s best player touch the ball this possession per game?

Who will be the compliment defensively to Devo, when we need to lock someone down? Will we miss Tate in that moment, or will we say, “wow, we truly are stacked?”


I see Top Ten Team from the start.

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Tate and smith and moody were in my mind the best defenders and rebounders on the team, curious if the stats confirm that. Big shoes to fill for sure

Building a position-less Rotation around Jaylin Williams - I like it. And we are going to have to have stat sheet stuffers in the mold of Tate smith and moody

Hope we can keep a deeper rotation of supporting cast next year tho. That’s one weakness on muss recruiting strategy right now it seems. Maybe that’s how he gets his studs guaranteeing max playing time in a six man rotation. but that surely hurt us by the time we got to deeper rounds in the tournament time

It will take a little while for Muss to put the pieces in place and everyone understand the defensive side of the ball. But, wow, by the time the SEC begins, we should be a real tough out for anybody. Of course, we’ll be picked fifth by the coaches/media in the SEC preseason poll.

The defense is scary to think about. From every statistical column. Post defense and every aspect of it is wowzersville. Just steals alone will be a big ole column. 3-D may be better than his first year here.

It’s just sad that college basketball isn’t year round. One day when I’m king for a day.


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