This team is so smart, but must like losing!

It appears, at every post game press conference, this team knows exactly what they did wrong:

  1. we started playing too late.
  2. we didn’t box out.
  3. we weren’t attacking.

But, what amazes me is, as smart as they are, it happens over and over.

Maybe that whole forget about this loss at midnight means forget about what you did wrong and don’t worry about correcting it?

Hey, guys, thanks for stating the obvious!

In all seriousness, these are the kids playing the game, and I’m just a fan. I would like to win, but I have no control over that. Nothing I say here will change it. But, I’d think the players and coaches, who can control it, would want to win too, and would want to do something about it. I never liked losing. Maybe they do?

[size=150]They are the GroundHOGS . . . :smiley: [/size]

They are doing better at the free throw line

At South Carolina. 15/20 75%
At Missouri. 17/23. 73.9 %

So they have corrected one area that has cost them 5 to 6 losses. Maybe they can add playing defense and rebounding to list without screwing up at the free throw line.

They don’t value a possession until the end of the game.