This team is done.

They’re not going to the tournament. Just don’t play the type of defense you have to and close teams out this late in the season. You can see some give up in them with their effort level.

Most disappointed I’ve ever been with an Anderson coached team. Hope he takes a long introspective look at his system in the offseason and makes the appropriate adjustments.

Prime example, Gafford has gotten off one shot since the first 3mins of the game. Inexcusable…

Senior leadership! What a way for them to lead. Sorry. Just sorry.

Has anything changed with our style in 7 years? No and it won’t. Our assets will stay the same and our defiencies will be the same. This is what we got for how many more years?

No, the BOT will step in and want a change…just like Long and Belemia. So sorry for Anderson.

Blame the players as always. We are always leaving players open against good passing teams since we double-team the ball handler and then that is compounded by bad rebounding position. I don’t care what the CMA apologists say- we have very tired guards. Our pressing and trapping style requires guard depth to wear down the other team. CMA has to stop being so stubborn with a fatigued set of guards. The team hit the wall last year so CMA finally gave in and went to more zone WITHOUT TRAPS. Our rebounding improved, fouls were reduced, we played defense with our feet and the players were not fatigued as much.

Why has this style worked before?

It hasn’t since he’s been here.

Our pressing and trapping style requires guard depth to wear down the other team. We don’t have the guard depth and talent to run this style and scheme all the time. We don’t have the talent at the PG and the 4’s. It is fatigue within the guards and stubbornly sticking with a style of play that creates fatigue. The same thing happened the last few years and it got so bad CMA finally adapted by using more Zone and less trapping to turn the season around late. But seriously, most of the problems are from double-teaming the ball handler which leaves one of the other perimeter players WIDE OPEN for a 3. The rebounding is another broken record. We don’t have anyone to rebound because we let our bigs get on the perimeter on bad switches too much.

We have the talent to be better than this but our Coach is too stubborn to change up his schemes away from total reliance upon the archaic 90’s trapping defense.

If playing terrible defense with little effort and fouling a lot is a style I was not aware of it. We are the worst defensive team in the league. Teams routinely score more against us than any other team in the league. What in the world did Mike do to deserve an extension? Always been a fan but can’t stand to watch this poor effort, selfish and lazy group we call the Razorbacks.
And to think they wanted Respect and to be ranked early on the year. This bunch is all talk!

I think he took a long, introspective look at his system this month.

Yep, Bliffs post made he totally change his coaching philosophy. Thank you, Bliff, for helping Mike.

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Got some help from the bench. C.J. Jones and a few others have played a little better of late. Gafford has played better. Oh well, some will never learn that Mike’s teams DO get better in February.

That’s the thing. Their January struggles are frustrating but, most times, they play their best ball of the season down the stretch.

We just beat another ranked team, yea we are done.

Clearly CMA is a different coach than Nolan however both coach’s team (94/95 exception) seem to go through mid season slumps. Every year its will they make it etc. Here they are again dancing after winning 6 of 7. CMA can’t coach, recruit or develop players. Hmmm?

I have a theory that Nolan learned from the Mayberry, Day and Miller era that it’s not important to win every game. If the team was good enough to win them all, great, but he didn’t push all the buttons in mid-season. He was more concerned about getting the team to peak around tourney time. CMA hasn’t had the depth of talent Nolan had, so we’re going to have more losses and more bad losses, but you can see the same strategy. CMA knows how to get the team to play its best basketball when it counts the most.

Which is why I don’t worry about whether we make a deep run in the SEC tournament. Once you are in the Big Dance, after the first round or two the SEC tournament is nothing more than televised practice games, and I am not convinced that anything but a bad first round loss makes any real difference on seeding.

Don’t leave your best basketball at the SEC tournament, unless it’s the only way to get to the NCAAs. You always play to win, and a trophy is a nice thing, but don’t over-extend the team to win games that don’t mean anything.

I hope MA will substitute often and treat the SEC tournament as a way to get this team ready to play into the second weekend of the NCAAs. If we win two or three games, great. But it’s the next weekend that matters.