This team is deep..

And its quality depth. We have a chance to be really special this season.

I hope that helps. It is a tribute to Mike that we have this depth. Depth does not happen automatically. It has to be developed. You have to play everyone, start players at odd times to the fans, even though fans grumble and complain they don’t understand the substitution pattern, why certain player gets 20 minutes all of a sudden, such as Cook on Tuesday. There is a method to Mike’s madness.

The main thing as Bo pointed out yesterday, Mike never quits on a player.

I just hope that Hall, Osabuohien, Bailey, Cook and Jones come through for him. They could take us deep if they all show up in NCAAT.

I believe he is talking baseball.

Since this is on the Baseball board, I’m pretty sure that he is talking baseball. :sunglasses:

My bad. I was posting from New Posts and did not pay attention to what board the new post was on. I do agree that the baseball team is deep.

This team has a great blend of talented youngsters and veterans… rare to have both in the field and on the mound.

That’s the final straw, fire Mike for meddling with the baseball team…

There is depth in baseball and depth in basketball. Both. So both posters are correct. I assume the OP was about baseball, though, since there were two games played this week with lots of freshmen shining.