This team is brutal to watch...

Since we hit SEC play. We may well win this game, but the Hogs are not much fun to watch right now.

I kinda like watching them.

Good thing is Vandy is playing just as bad. Lol

Yeah. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Hogs. Just frustrated. We should be better than this

Playing great D. A joy to watch. Shooting and early TO’s were frustrating. Playing better now.

If Vandy could make a shot, we’d be in serious trouble right now. But, I am encouraged by the effort they are showing on defense.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I don’t care, Why in the world does Anton Beard try to do a double team trap all the time, I’ve never seen him get a steal off of that, yet he continues to do it and give guys wide open 3’s. Vandy just can’t hit one. I don’t get why he does that, he’s short, they can just pass the ball over his head. I’m confused why the coaching staff hasn’t told him that yet. SMH.

Am I the only person that notices that?

Vandy is a frustrating team to play against, especially for a team like the Hogs who want to run. Vandy doesn’t get in a rush when the dinner bell rings.

Pretty good first half effort defensively. Vandy came into the game No. 4 in the league in offensive efficiency and first in 2-point field goal percentage. Scored at a .60 PPP clip and hit just 3 of 12 looks inside the arc - 2 of 5 at the rim - before the half.

Hogs playing some serious D so far tonight. If we get that kind of effort every night we’ll be awfully tough to beat.

Hard to believe we turned it over the first 5 possessions.

Our defense Fed our offense tonight. When we are doing that we are a good team.

Sigh… :roll:

Granted our Defense looked better at times because our rotations and traps were better with less switching that left us in as many 4 or 5 on a PG, AND we stayed with our Man pretty good when we didn’t switch as much. We may be having a different discussion this morning if Vandy was hitting a normal percentage of the terribly wide open 3s. Mike said we were right on them when they shot, but I sure didn’t see much of that. Maybe Mike thinks that a guy running from 20’ ft away on our rotation traps toward the 3 shooter is “right on them”? I don’t view jumping with a hand up when the shooter is in motion as contested.

Usually teams have record scoring nights against our defense. Tonight Vandy wasn’t shooting well, but it wasn’t because they didn’t have open shots at the 3 point line. If Vandy could have hit a third or more of their open 3 point shots and usually they do, they probably could have won.

Looking over some numbers from last night I found that it was Arkansas’ best game of the entire season in terms of defensive efficiency - .748 PPP allowed. Also thought Arkansas did a great job defending inside the arc. Daniel Gafford’s seven blocks obviously played a big part in that. Commodores came in first in the league in that area, and Arkansas held them to under 37 percent.

Nah. We weren’t fun to watch tonight. Only had the #2 play on sports center. Boring!

I take it you didn’t watch the first half of the game. No way you could make that comment if you did.