This team is a Kacey Murphy away from being a CWS contender

We have the ace. We have the bullpen. We have a solid enough defense. We have a really good hitting lineup. We have superior coaching.

If we had a Kacey Murphy to give us 2 high quality starters, I’d say we would definitely be good enough to contend with anyone for the CWS title. As we are now, we are certainly good enough to get back to Omaha. Perhaps if we do, and catch a few breaks, we could make another run.

We are in need of another deep starter. Or we need Casey Martin, Heston Kjerstad, Fletcher, and Goodheart to all get hot for an extended period at the same time during the CWS. The maxim is that “pitching wins championships” but hot bats at the right time can do it too.

Red hot bats with our #2 and #3 starters at this point. We have given up to many gift outs and gift runs that has to stop to make a run.
Ramage, Kopps, Kosty, Z and Cronnin will have to carry a big load!
Campbell has been great. The other starters have had their moments
Scroggins, Wicklander and Noland.
There needs to be another lefty step up and make a stand to help.
These next 5 weeks we will see what the hogs earn prior to the SEC Tournament!
I think the Hogs need 8 more wins to Host a super! I could be wrong but that’s my opinion.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think Patrick Wicklander could be giving them Kacey Murphy-like starts by the end of the year. He is hard to hit and seems comfortable starting. He has already shown some moxie this year by shutting down Texas and Auburn on the road.

I agree with Matt. And, I would not rule out something special from Jacob Kostyshock and Kevin Kopps before it’s over. As Chuck Barrett told me many times, baseball is a marathon, not a sprint. Where you are at in the third week of April is not the key. It’s what you are doing in May and June. The CWS is not for two months. I am interested to see how Dave Van Horn and Matt Hobbs massage this pitching staff. There are some terrific arms on this staff. I expect some to emerge as better pitchers in the next four to six weeks.

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