This team has so many mis-matches for opponents to struggle with -------------

------------------------ Brazille the stretch 4, great defender, 3-point shooter and dunking nightmare machine is just the latest to stand out. Council can play so many positions while aggressively attacking the rim. Graham, if he gets his defense and rebounding up to snuff is an instant offense sub. Devo is developing confidence in his 3-pointer to add to his athleticism and mid range shooting. Add in the three five-stars and this team is going to be a lot of fun to watch for Hog Fans, not so much for opponents. Go Hogs.

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Great thoughts. I watched them for the first time last night.

My uneducated opinion is that there are a lot of fundamental mistakes to clean up like traveling, carrying, etc. However, I’m not sure I’ve seen a longer, more athletic Razorback squad. They will win a lot of games based on those qualities alone.

If we can fix the fundamental errors, be tough against more experienced teams, and develop a consistent 3 point threat, this team has a real final four shot.

That defense might end up being very elite by tournament time.

And perhaps the best of the group is not playing. I like so much of what I see in AB, if he can develop a bit of an offensive scoring game he would be fantastic. And Walsh…that’s a man.

I agree with you on several points, like you said we have to clean up the fundamental mistakes that are taking away from our game. I’m also unsure of our toughness mentality and physically, things will come as we mature and unite as a team. The best I can say for this team is depth, talent, length and hustle, if you were to tell a coach this was what he had coming into the start of a season any would be ecstatic. There’s going to be growing and maturity pains and some will be severe no doubt, but there’s also no doubt that Muss is the guy to bring out the best in them individually and as a team. WPS

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Definitely got the horses on this squad.

Council and Kamani are men. Walsh has huge potential there. Brazille and Graham are thin but very aggressive attacking the basket. Devo don’t back down from nobody. They got some men. A physical banger of a big man would be nice when we play Kentucky and others, but the overall length and athleticism at every position may well make up for that absence.

Both of the twins are going to be very physical. I’m not good with names so I’ll go with 22. He’s a solidly built guy. . . . Maybe he can be our Roosevelt Wallace when needed.