This team has now gotten as far

as last year’s team. One win in the Super Regional. And this team has two chances to go farther than last yea’s team. Who would have thought that a month or 6 weeks ago?

Interesting stat they gave during the game. 80% of thw 1st game winners advance to Omaha. That makes sense, but I’m sure glad we’re on the good side of that statistic. I’d like to finish it tomorrow and not have to sweat out Monday.


Clearly not me! Glad to take my knocks. VERY GLAD.


We were on the good side of those stats last year too. Hopefully we will close the deal tomorrow

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I’m gonna relish this win for sure

Not to be a Debbie Downer, but tomorrow we probably won’t get anything close to the pitching performance we got today.

Gonna have to score a lot more

This is the kind of year you might eke out a national title.


Yeah I think you’re probably right. McIntyre has the curve ball that might mess them up but that’s really about all he has that might give them trouble. Wiggins if he’s on with everything could totally dominate I think but we haven’t seen that version of him in so long we can’t count on it. They’re LH is tough but he gives up a lot of hits and is giving up 13 home runs so that it’s a possibility we can score quite a few on him

It’d be tough to match today’s pitching performance. So, I think you’re right. We’ll need to score more runs. I assume we faced their best pitcher today, though. He was a righty, but he was dealing very well until that 5th (?) inning when we posted 4 runs.

But I think we’ll need more than 4 runs to win. The over/under might be 7.

I saw this stat elsewhere:

Since the 2018 season, in three-game series during the post-season, the Hogs are:

7-0 in Game 1
0-6 in Game 2
4-2 in Game 3

Need to erase that Game 2 zero tomorrow. But we face a lefty, so it won’t surprise me if it goes to Game 3.


I’d like to know what the stat is for which team more often wins game 3, the first game winner or the second game winner.

I’d love to win tomorrow & end the suspense, but I admit I worry about the prospect of doing it. I sure don’t want to repeat last year when we lost both game 2 & 3.

We may not get the pitching we had today. Once Connor settled in he was just awesome. Flip side of that UNC probably in same boat. But they normally use a lot of bullpen guys. More than anybody

The good news is NC has their backs up against the wall they have to win or their season ends.
I hope our hogs close it out tomorrow.

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Sweet sixteen with Elite eight on the line. I like our chances.

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And in all honesty, making the CWS is the = to the final four in basketball. (Imo)


Making the CWS is equivalent of making the Final Four in basketball and the CFP in football.


I wasn’t aware that winner of our series will face Stanford or UConn in first game of CWS. I thought the brackets were set after all super regional were decided. Tennessee is in opposite bracket if they win. Auburn and ole miss in our side.

Yeah the brackets are set from the get-go by seeding. Just like the basketball tournament.

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