This team has great plate discipline

This team does a lot of things well but one thing they do a really good job of is knowing the strike zone. This team rarely swings at a pitch out of the zone. I sometimes think we are too patient and take some pitches right down the middle but I think DVH stresses get the pitch count up,either way this team is very hard to pitch too because they rarely help the pitcher out.

Yup. Also wish we’d attack first-pitch fastballs more. Cullen Smith crushed an 0-0 pitch in the first yesterday and I’m like “It’s about time!” Sometimes that first-pitch cookie is the best one you’re going to see.


I have always believed in attacking the first pitch provided its in the strike zone because a pitcher is not going to intentionally fall behind you unless you’re Greg Maddux who used to play around with real aggressive hitters on the first couple of pitches because he knew he had the control to throw a strike anytime he wanted to.
We do have a few aggressive hitters Slavens is 1 as well as Battles and Smith but everybody else is pretty much take the first pitch,Wallace is pretty aggressive too.

Yeah, Slavens and Wallace tend to come up there hacking.

Another plus is we have some batters who can battle at the plate with full counts. Fouling off those close pitches that can be called either way until they get a pitch to hit and hit it.


exactly,we are usually tough outs,now we will strike out a good bit because we are all into launch angle and trying to hit it it out but usually foul off 1 or 2 before we do.I like the way we make the pitcher work and often still get a hit.

We’ve had a few foul off 10-12 pitches then get the walk. That’s frustrating to a pitcher.

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In know Ole Miss had severe control problems Sunday, but those 17 walks weren’t all about being wild. Patience and tenacity (fouling off good pitches) earned some of those. And when they did come in the zone, we got enough hits to make them pay. Our approach at the plate Sunday helped win that game.

Gregory and Opitz can both do that, hope Gregory’s hammy is ok.

On the other hand, Ole Miss wasn’t quite as disciplined. Kopps relies on as many or more swings and misses out of the zone than called strikes. With the tight zone/inconsistencies of the home plate umpire, I was concerned when Kopps first entered the game that he might struggle if Ole Miss could/would take a lot of pitches. Perhaps Kopps is just THAT good this year, and my concerns were misplaced.

I’m not sure Kopps is the best example. His pitches look very much like strikes before they fall off. That was a very good hitting team he made look silly.

You’re correct, they look like strikes initially (some remain in the zone entirely). But, I suppose that is my point about plate discipline. If you know a pitch may not end up in the zone, even when it looks good initially, can you hold your swing?

Agreed. Ole Miss has a lot of solid hitters. But a different approach than the Hogs (who also have many solid hitters). Hypothetical question… do you think our lineup would draw more walks against Kopps than Ole Miss, especially with the Sunday umpire?

Kopps’ cutter is just filthy. You know he’s gonna throw it, but there’s also the question of if he’s going to just throw the occasional fastball to mix in with the cutter. Take that FB when you think it’s a cutter, you go back to the bench with the bat on your shoulder.

Arkansas is #2 in the nation in drawing walks, but Ole Miss is not far behind. I’m not sure the Hogs would want to go against Kopps right now. He’s not a frosh. He knows how to pitch. He’s controlling his pitches well; stays in and near the strike zone. Tough guy right now.

I tend to worry more about the Hogs leaving 12 on base to Ole Miss’ 6…but, not so much when we score 18.

I think part of what makes Kopps so effective is the situations in which he pitches. He typically comes in late with the lead or a tied game, so there is desperation on the other side to make something happen at the plate. That cutter is especially effective against a desperate hitter.

His cutter gets all the talk, but he can throw two or three other pitches inside the strike zone. He’ll figure out pretty quick if they are waiting for pitches out of the zone.

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Good points. Kopps has truly learned how to pitch.

When Wiggins learns the same, he will be fun to watch too.

He has 2 types of cutters he throws and they can each be thrown for a strike or strike out. One slides and one brakes downs. He also has a fastball that sits 91 92

Ok great hitters swing At pitches they know they can drive early in count. Many times early in court the will take a fastball because they zoned the plate up say 0-0 they were Looking fastball middle out of the get middle in. They also look for pitch types like cutter, change up , curve in. Coach Thompson does a great job with scouting reports to get tendencies of a pitcher down to each count.

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