This team can't run the ball 2 minute offense is our only chance to move it

I love the ground and pound as much as anybody but we don’t have the grown men up front to do that so briles needs to realize that and go to the short quick passing games that move the ball down the field for last touchdown, that has big has big play potential because once they come up we can out and up them for big plays

We knew that it would take a while for Coach to get his sort of OL in place. What is really impressive, is how they find a way in spite of those shortcomings.

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Amazing indeed when you consider all the injuries

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I asked about our zone read in another thread. There were several times today that a decent QB runner could have made good yardage up the middle. So, I think our OL is doing pretty well.

Youda, give the OL some credit for pass blocking. Tremendous improvement!

This team is so much better in every phase that it’s amazing. My only criticism is of the special teams—they played pretty well other than that awful failure to be ready for the fake punt



Exactly they are built for pass blocking and doing very well, use your strengths.

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